Sunday, August 14, 2016

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to not Growing Up by Tommy Greenwald

Genre: Realistic/Middle School Fiction
Age Group: Middle Grade (8-12)
Publishing Date: August 9th by Roaring Book Press:

Summary: The time has come for Charlie Joe to graduate middle school. On his birthday no less, which means that he calls the shots on any event that happens. You'd think it'd be the most fantastic day of his life right? Nope. Charlie Joe just doesn't want to grow up, and he gets this overwhelming sense of middle school sickness (kind of like homesickness but worse) where he just doesn't want to leave. As a result, he attempts to pull off as many different stunts and antics as he can. First at Jake's end of summer barbecue, then the WORLD (or at least all of Eastport). he defies rules, destroys books (and some feelings), and yet, everyone punishes him because a young MAN should not be acting like this, which angers Charlie Joe, for people treating him like the "man" he clearly isn't and doesn't want to be, and he will do what it takes to prove that he has not grown up yet.

What I Liked: So one specific thing I'd really like to point out are the little flashbacks that happen. These sorts of things explain in pretty good detail exactly how these inside things/jokes go down. Like why Charlie Joe hates reading, enough to pay Timmy McGibney is Ice Cream sandwiches. They're really enjoyable and funny, and unlike in other books, I did not feel as if they were tedious nor did I ever want to skip them. Speaking of humor, I found the whole book really funny and humorous, which you can always expect when you read a book from Tommy Greenwald.

What I didn't like: Other than the fact that it was the LAST FREAKIN BOOK WHYYYYYYY, my only complaint is that it seriously couldn't hurt for Charlie Joe and Katie to I don't know make some movement. Like it seemed as if they hadn't got any closer since they'd gotten together, and it kinda upset me but it wasn't as bad the fact that it was the LAST FREAKING BOOK.

Final Thoughts: Jeff Kinney, JK Rowling, Rick Riordan, Stuart Gibbs, whoever, this series will give you a run for a money. No seriously. Stop laughing.

Rating on 'the scale': Hmm this is tough. 9.6 out of ten.

Why?: Funny? Check. Eloquent in capping off an amazing series? Check. People? Check. It's got the three things people, this book is amazing!


  1. Loved this series. It will be difficult to close the page on this last episode.

  2. I haven't read this series, but it sounds hilarious. I can just see a kid refusing to leave middle school. Thanks for featuring it.

  3. Write a series where Ben and teddy have joined spy school and are good as a surprise to everyone else

  4. Based on your review here and your recent video, I started reading Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Planet Girl and Katie Friedman Gives Up Texting. They're both well-written and read really fast. I can see why you like them so much. Thanks for the recommendation!