Sunday, August 7, 2016

Booktube Videos, School Year, and More

What's up everybody?

So this is going to be an update-type post because I'm knee-deep into editing random videos I've compiled and blog posts will be coming up so this is an in-betweener post.

First off: I've been just out of everything the past week because...I went to DC! I'm in the process of compiling this mini vlog thing that hopefully won't bore you guys.

In the mean time, here's a video I posted just now, showing off the swag Ive gotten from the North Texas Teen Book Festival (NTTBF)

(I Also added channel art and a profile pic, tell me what you think of it!)

I promise, this blog won't turn into "Go subscribe to my YouTube Channel!" posts, but I feel like it needs to get off the ground on a good note.

Book Reviews: I've got a book review coming out tomorrow on The North Hollywood Detective Club by Mike Mains

And sometime in the future, The Kingdom of Oceana by Mitchell Charles

I owe a huge debt to these two authors, because I was sent these books FOR FREE to review. Look out for these books in the future.

Anyways, about school, so pretty much once the school year starts for me (2nd to Last Week of August) Expect posts to turn into weekly posts, mostly because grades come first. Same goes for the YouTube channel. And if I take a Winter Hiatus as I usually do, just know that I'm not dead, but that at least in my school, those winter months are crunch time, and I need to focus.

Anyways, that's all for today, don't forget to subscribe to my booktube channel, and spread the word about me!


  1. Are you using this or word press or are you using this and when you doing fan fiction again

    1. Jej-

      This blog will be my only website, fan fiction will come out soon, I just built up like three weeks of suspense for the final part lol.

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