Check Out Stuart Gibbs

 For those of you who don't know who Stuart Gibbs is, please check out one of his books. He is a really nice guy who writes middle-school- aged novels, which happen to be the best ones on the planet.  If you don't believe me, check out some of the awards for his books. You can easily do this by visiting this link for his website: here. Here's a list of his amazing books I've already reviewed:

Belly Up Review
Belly Up Revamped Review
Spy School Review
Revamped Spy School Review
Spy Camp Review
Poached Review
Evil Spy School Review
Space Case Review
Spaced Out Review
Big Game Review

Be sure to purchase some of his novels. They provide vast insight on three unique worlds (poaching, espionage, astronaut life) as well as being quality literature. Whether you are eight or eighty, I am sure you will love his writings.


  1. When I press on belly up book review it goes to ustintalksbooks instead of justintalksbooks. Do you know why that is or how to fix it?

  2. Love Stuart Gibbs books! Also congratulations on a comment from him. You deserve it man.

  3. Aiden- Click on the very beginning of the link, and put a j, he missed a letter when typing the redirect.

  4. I also like Stuart Gibbs, I see your comments on his blog a lot... I think its really cool you do book reviews. Do you ever write? I am trying to start a blog like this with my writing on it, I just started it yesterday and I am going to try to be more active then I was on my last blog... I would appreciate it if you could check it out, it web adress is:

    1. Liv-

      Well I write a little: mostly in the Crossover Fanfics and the Erica POV fanfics. I tried doing my own book...but YIKES it was bad. Your blog seems pretty cool. I'll defintetly be checking it out.

    2. Thanks about my blog :) if you checked it yetserday you just saw the welcome post but now there is more on there. Did you know its actually not plagiarizing to write a book based off of someone else's if you give them credit? Ellen Potter did it. You'll probably see me comment again on one of your posts, your book reviews are awesome. Bye for now!