Tuesday, August 1, 2017


So yeah, this is basically sort of like a play on words on the YouTube Rewind videos, but basically what I'm going to do is all the books I decide the reread, I'm going to review and compare it to my original review and see if I have any changed emotions.

"But Justin, why would I want to read separate reviews on the same book?"

Well multiple reasons. For one, lots of people have recently joined my blog and haven't read the older reviews. Secondly, many people (including me) often have mixed feelings when they read books. Originally, they might have thought the book was great no matter what just because it was new and because of the hype, but after reading it again a year later, it might end up being a dud. Also, it gives me an excuse to talk about Spy School again :D.

I can't think of any reasons why I shouldn't do this series. Please, try to roast this series in the comment below. Every "roast" I will edit this post and put the insult in bold, along with my response. The series will begin tomorrow.


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