Sunday, August 20, 2017


WOOOOO it finally happened! My blogger status has gotten me a Stuart Gibbs book. Don't believe me, well how about this.

There it is in all it's glory. Ah, isn't the cover so beautiful. Anyways, obviously I've read it and REALLY want to post a review but I've been told it's advised I don't. But for now you can stare at it. Oh, and check out my comeback to the JTB YT channel, where I unbox it.


Alright so obviously I wouldn't leave you hanging like that. Let me answer a few questions I'm bound to receive.

But Justin, how did you get that??? Where can I receive an early copy of SSSS???

Two words, blogger perks. I'm sorry, but a big time publisher doens't give these out to good 'ol civilians like you. NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN, but it's kind of the truth. I'll explain that in a video

JUSTIN, DOES BEN ASK OUT ERICA??? WHAT HAPPENS TO MIKE?? DO WE SEE ERICA'S MOM??? (insert commonly asked question)?

The answer to all of those is: go read the book. The best part is I know exactly every main question because I stalk the Stuart Gibbs website, so I know all the answers, but you won't here a peep from me.

What about just a little sneak peek?

Nope. TRUST ME all your questions will be answered, but you must wait until the book comes out.

So yeah. GO BUY THE BOOK. I plan on posting about it BUT I WONT POST SPOILERS. Mostly I'll be hyping it up.

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