Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Space Case X Spy School Crossover Fanfic Part 1

Hey guys. Beginning a new crossover, I've gotten a bunch of requests and I'm entering this piece for the writing contest for Stuart Central. Go join Stuart Central if you haven't already! Anyway, here is my piece, if I get a lot of love for it, I may continue to post more.

Earth Year 2044
June 24 2:45 AM EST
Houston, Texas


It’s been 3 incredible years on the moon. Well, to rephrase, only the first 6 months were. After solving Dr. Holtz’s murder and finding Nina in the bathroom, well, once the Sjobergs were finally off the moon, everything was just normal. There were no scandals or murders, just normal research and exercise, something you’d find on Earth. As soon as we touched down in Honolulu, we immediately went through Border Control. That’s right folks, I guess we technically left the country, but it was still pretty weird.

After passing border control, before we got ready for the parade to honor us or whatever, we had to forfeit or souvenirs to government, which made Violet extremely upset. Long story short, after Nina was sneaking moon rocks back to Earth to sell, the government realized “If these rocks are worth millions to some people, we could use them pay off our debt” because, the US government. So they had us each take some decently sized rocks home, however, they took up all of them except for the tiniest ones, which the split amongst the thirsty of us. There was going to be a charity auction in roughly two days and the proceeds would be split between charities and NASA.

I saw Kira.

“Excited to be home?” I asked, trying to get the ball rolling. It’s pretty awkward when an entire globe ships you with a girl you just want to be friends with, especially when you end up seeing the same girl for three years on the daily.

“Of course not” she replied with a bit of disgust “Remember, my dad?”

“Right. Is he really as bad as you say he is”

“No, he’s going to be even worse. The whole public has their eye on me, I’m going to be flocked by teenage guys”

“You are? But….” I trailed as she was on my train of thought. On the moon, we never really celebrated birthdays: cake was too expensive to bring to the moon and our present was always just being up there, so I hadn’t realized: we’re both 15 now.

“Yeah, it’s going to be pretty bad, but hey, we’re in this together right?”

We laughed when she said that, and high fived like we were in high school musical, and gathered around for the moon rock splitting ceremony.


Life has been super weird for the past, I don’t know, thirty years. About 29 years ago, the CIA and a bunch of scientists developed a top secret immortality pill, but it’s sort of with a twist. It’s based off those people who have the genetic disorder where you don’t age. You sort of inject their DNA into yours and *MAGIC* you become immortal. The best part is, you can even reverse it. However, there are some caveats. Your body can only inject one in its lifetime without it shriveling apart, so it’s a one time use. Also, when you decide to undo it, you immediately age into whatever age you really should be.

As soon as we got them, Erica used hers right away. I waited until I was 15 to use mine. That way we could officially unofficially be together and have it not look weird. Also, by waiting, I grew a bunch of muscle and looked more like Chip than Warren.

Erica and I were in a CIA office going over cases on the computer. As the agency’s head agents, we aren’t assigned cases, we choose them.

“Which one do you want to take on today?” I asked

“I don’t know, Croatian shooting or Turkish terrorist attack, they both seem exciting and curious, but are any of them worth it?”

“I’m with you, those are the dime a dozen cases, we get those all the time. Heck, even Warren could stop those, I’m looking for something juicy.”

“Exactly, something heart-pounding, unique, and a thriller”

Just then that thriller dropped in front of us.

The president called, and naturally, well, we picked up. Well, Erica sort of shoved me out of the way to get to the phone.

“Hello Mr. President”

“Hello, Erica, I’ve just got a tip that SPYDER is at it again. They’re targeting the charity auction with the souvenirs from the Moonies. Hundreds of millions are on the line. Stop them”

It was a simple yet effective message. Erica relayed the information.

“Should we take anyone?” I asked.
She sighed. This happens every mission, so I knew how she would react. She hates bringing people along, but every time I convince her and that extra person saves the day.

“This one seems really good, I don’t need any extra people with us”

“Alright, but in my defense, Warren wasn’t as bad as he usually is last time, and he even helped us camouflage onto a wall. Tell me that isn’t good”

“Yes that’s good, but that doesn’t justify the fact he almost got North Korea flying nukes left and right toward the US because his Korean is garbage”

“That was a simple mistake”

“HE SAID TRY TO TAKE US DOWN INSTEAD OF LET’S SIT DOWN. If I hadn’t convinced the dictator, America would be dead right now”

I started to argue but she grabbed my shoulder. Oh, she was good, she knew my every strength and weakness, and her hand was kryptonite.

“Alright, I said, we’ll go alone, but when we have to do something that requires 5 hands, don’t go complaining to me”


Kira and I were just chilling at our house in Honolulu. Boy, was the parade crazy. You have never seen a party until you’ve seen a bunch of Hawaiians cheering for close friends who’ve been gone for three years. It was an experience impossible to be put into words.

Mom and Dad were flown to Houston for a press conference and a bunch of other stuff about the findings at Lyndon B Johnson Space center, along with all of the other adults. Because this was an adults only thing, they didn’t take me, however, they took Violet because even with someone watching her, she always knew how to get into trouble. So I had the house to myself.

Kira came over and we talked for a bit when the phone rang. It was my mom so of course, I answered it.

“Hey mom, aren’t you supposed to be in a press--”

“NO, they canceled it, something big has happened. The terrorist organization SPYDER is threatening to take all of the moon rocks and other memorabilia. Right now, ever flight to Hawaii is closed.

“So you’re not going to be home”

“Yes Dash, you’re going to be on your own… indefinitely.”

“Hold on, so you’re saying that I’m trapped on an island with an evil organization alone with no parents”

“Well, I’d hate for you to put it that way, but yes. Don’t worry just stay safe and you’ll be fine. I have to go”

I put the phone down in shock. I began rambling to Kira what just happened when someone started knocking on the door.


“Okay, but you do know this could be some other random schoolkids' house” Erica questioned.

We were on the porch of presumably the Gibson’s Residence. On the flight, I told Erica that we still were going to need a few extra minds, and eventually we compromised on trying to find the moonies that were teens. They were the right age and knew the ins and outs of everything for this case, so they were a help. The CIA database thought they were still on the moon, so our next best shot was getting the address list from Dash’s school.

“I know that Erica, but it’s our best shot at finding the kid. If it’s some other kid then we can just say we just moved in or something”

Then we heard a voice. “Are you guys with SPYDER?”

We looked at each other. How’d they know the name?

Erica responded “Um no, are you guys the kids on the moon” I’d never seen Erica so shook.

They opened the door. It was a guy and a girl, about our age. They both were holding baseball bats. “Who are you guys?”

We pulled out our badges “CIA special agents, mind if we come in?”

We talked for around 5 minutes. They told us what they thought was going on, and we essentially confirmed everything.

“So” I started “We need to find where they are holding all of these items. It would really help us in our case”

The girl, who’s name was Kira, responded “We know where they are, and we’ll tell you, on one condition: we want in on the investigation”

Erica and I had discussed this before, if we knew that they knew what they were doing, heck we brought Warren to North Korea, we agreed it would be okay to take these teens with us.

“Alright, you guys are in” I replied. “Let’s begin”


Boy did Kira know how to work a pair of teens who were top CIA agents. She got us in on this international case in like 5 minutes. Afterwards, the spies went to work.

“First off, obviously this is a really dangerous case” explained the girl, Erica “You guys have any weapons”

“You’re looking at the most dangerous thing we own” I replied.

Erica and the other kid, Ben, shared a look, and Ben replied “Alright, we can hook you guys up”

They both threw us tasers, which was a good thing, because I really didn’t know how to shoot a gun.

“Ok, so we are going to go to the NASA base, that’s where you said they were going to be right?” Erica asked. She received a nod from Kira. “We’re going to stake out for a few hours until we can get some more intel from our other spies. Maybe we get lucky and catch a delivery”

“Whoa, whoa” Kira interrupted “A few hours. Do you know how hot it is, I’m literally going to die. Can I just be involved in the parts where you guys are chasing down the bad guys in cars?”

They laughed “It isn’t like the movies, Kira” Ben replied “Spying isn’t easy work, it isn’t fun work, heck we don’t even get recognition or paid too much”

“Why do you do it?” Kira asked.

Ben thought for a second. “I dunno, I guess I’ve just always wanted to be one”

Everyone shared an accepting shrug, and we eventually left my house and covertly...went into our car and drove to the NASA base.

Kira was still doubtful “Uh, we are in the open, aren’t we going to uh...die?”

Erica seemed annoyed but answered “SPYDER doesn’t even know we’re here and they are supposed to go to work the night before the auction which is tomorrow”

Kira replied “Oh, right, I’m sorry. I’m just so paranoid with this whole evil organization trying to attack us thing. It’s cool” Eventually she calmed down.

Ben replied “Don’t worry about it. It happens all the time. I mean, for regular civilians, it is pretty scary. But we know what we’re doing. Right now, they should think we are just regular people going for a drive. This is why we’re doing it in the open. If we took side roads to get to a building accessible by open streets, that could suspicious of a SPYDER agent scouting the place. But trust me, we are in no danger right now.”

That was when, of course, someone opened up gunfire at our car.


  1. Wow, good job man. I love these crossovers of yours. I didn't really buy the immortality pill thing (wth is this becoming?!) but the rest is good.

    1. Lol I had to think of a way I could keep Ben and Erica the same age even though they were 30 years into the future.

    2. Ah...but Dash and Kira? How much have they aged, living on the moon?

    3. Well, as I said. Dash and Kira were 12 when they arrived, stayed for three years, and returned, so I assumed they were 15

  2. Wow. Pretty good. Justin Doan, this one is cool and a good mix! Great job! I love your crossovers. Please make more. :-)

  3. Wow! Love your crossovers! Plz make more! :-)

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