Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Snoop Troop: It Came From Beneath the Playground by Kirk Scroggs

Snoop Troop: It Came from Beneath the Playground

Genre: Mystery
Age Group: Middle Grade
Publishing Date: September 9th, 2014 by Little Brown Books

Summary: Every newly independent reader will be rolling on the floor--and has a chance to solve the mystery--in this wildly wacky mash-up of chapter book and graphic novel, with art on every page, interactive seek-and-find elements, and more!
In this first book of the series, fourth-grade detective Logan Lang is facing the biggest case of her career. Someone--or something--is stealing everything that kids love. Toys! The amusement park carousel! Even the school playground! All of them sucked underground without a trace. Logan will have to team up with her longtime nemesis and super cop wannabe Gustavo Muchomacho if she wants to stop this subterranean scoundrel. With her serious doodling skills and his arsenal of high-tech sky mustaches, they'll race against the clock to unearth a master criminal.
Bonus backmatter is loaded with extra puzzles, word jumbles, instructions for drawing suspects, and doodle activities

My Thoughts: I don't know what to think about this book. It sounds weird to say, but it is true I guess. I will say however, that like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books, it is a very passive book, although this one seemed to have a plot. However, in my opinion, a downfall was that the book tried to play with the reader more. This included stops in the book to have you do a task, such as find stuff in the picture or try to figure out who did it. Nothing bad about that, for the type of book it is, it is fine, although I would not try to classify this is a serious novel, more like a fun and easy read, which again is fine. I do want to point out something cool: the new perspective. This was very unique in that the book is in third-person but the narrator talks to the characters. It was pretty interesting.

Rating: 8 out of ten


  1. It sounds like a book kids would enjoy!

  2. I'm always on the prowl for new mysteries. Thanks.

  3. Stopping reading to find objects in a picture isn't something I've ever heard of XD. This book sounds a little wack! Thanks for the review!

  4. I've read books by this author before, but this one certainly sounds unique! Thanks for the review!