Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Hurricane by Terry Trueman


Age Group: YA
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publishing Date: March 1st, 2008 by Harper Collins
outside, the wind is howling.
it is a monster shrieking to get inside.
outside, the rain is a solid wall of water.
everything is dark.
everything is destroyed.
everything is gone....
Everything except for the desperate courage of those who survive that terrifying night. After hours of cowering in the dark with no lights, no warmth, and the terrible noises of the rain and wind pounding on the walls, JosÉ walks out his front door and steps into a nightmare.
But his nightmare has only begun as he and the few who are left in his small village start to pull their lives back together.
Based on Hurricane Mitch's devastation of Honduras in 1998, Terry Trueman's powerful story is about a young boy's fear and courage in the face of a force of nature too huge to even imagine.
My Thoughts: This book in my opinion had a lot of potential. Like I really did enjoy the basis of this plot: this hurricane which seemingly none of us knew about. And I really did enjoy the main character Jose's unique ability to speak two languages, as this aided the book more than it did any harm. However, I will ding the book, because, as I'd like to point out, it just seemed so bland. The book is short and I wanted it to be longer. There wasn't really a plot, just a recollection of events, and there wasn't really a build up. Good in concept, but I wish it was executed better.
Rating: 7.5 out of ten


  1. "Unique ability to speak 2 languages"?? xD I speak three and a half

  2. Well I mean, are you completely fluent, or are you just halfway fluent?

    Either way, you have to look around you and realize you have a unique ability. It's not like everyone I know is bilingual. Good job on the hard work studying.

    Finally it is important to consider that this isn't an urban or suburban area where it is easy to access internet and books and teachers to learn languages. It is a rural area, and in the rural area, it's not like they'd ever need to learn another language. So they learn the one. A lot of people only know one language, so it really is unique to see the kid in poverty with the proper education to know English and Spanish.

  3. Completely fluent in two, half fluent in one and learning another (school ughh)
    Okay, I get it. Didn't expect such a long and articulate answer xD