Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Million Dollar Goal by Dan Gutman (MMGM)

Alright, so I'm from my two week hiatus to bring you this fabulous book in probably my favorite middle grade series (or at least top 5) Before I start, quick shout out from Carl at the Boys Rule Boys Read blog where after a contest, I won my own copy of the book! Go visit his amazing site for completely cool book reviews and book suggestions!

Summary: Goodreads ~ Twins Dawn and Dusk Rosenberg live for hockey and worship the Montreal Canadiens. When Dawn and Dusk's dad gets the family tickets to the next Canadiens game, they can't believe their luck. They're even more psyched when they hear about the million dollar goal contest. A randomly chosen fan will get the chance to shoot a goal to win one million dollars. One shot for a million bucks! Could this be the beginning of a dream come true for Dawn and Dusk - or the biggest humiliation of their lives?

What I liked: Since this book is in my favorite series top 10 (maybe an upcoming blog post?), there's a lot of good to say about the book. It definitely appealed to the athletic-sports part of me. A lot of books these days often forget all the amazing repercussions that come from involving sports in the book (drama, excitement, possibly romance, revenge scenes, the list goes on) and I'm glad that this book focused around a sports event. I also enjoyed the almost joking attitude of the narrators. It was never serious at all; Gutman wrote the book from a kid's view, so any kids reading the book will love how blunt the kids can be at times. Adult narrators sometimes sugarcoat the truth while kids almost jokingly attack a subject.

What I didn't like: The only thing I would suggest is that the book is so short. Only 170 pages. I was really craving for more content, like a meatier rising action that would provide more hype for the climax. Another thing I would suggest is that (slight spoiler but not really) while the narrators are Dawn and Dusk, the main character is Oma, which while comedically one of the best characters out there, honestly there was some stuff that I didn't like about her. Like how she cusses every other word (no actual cuss words in the book, but every cuss word replaced with "bleep") Funny? Check. Helpful to the plot? Tedious? Check. Just something to note.

Rating: 9 out of ten

Why? Perfect books for elementary to even high schoolers like me looking for a fast paced and exciting read.

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