Sunday, October 23, 2016

JTWBU #7: Yes, this one isn't a video.

Hello internet,

So today this is going to be the 7th weekly update for JTWBU, and I guess I'm going to try to focus more on my blog and not the book world in general, which I've see to have been doing in recent videos.

Anyways, I still would like to shout people out. As it turns out, there's been a gracious editor named Karen, who apparently works for National Geographic because she offered  5 books collectively retailed at over 100 DOLLARS for me to review. I only graciously accepted three, but anyways, THANK you for sending the books! Reviews of them to come soon.

This week, I'll just mention the book of the week: which is Gemini by by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman, which apparently is the second book of the Illuminae series. I haven't personally read the series yet, but I've heard it's a big thing, so just wanted to throw that out there.

And now, for the news.

So the number one thing I wanted to talk about is the huge fan base that this blog has. At the rate of one hundred and fifty views a day, it's growing like crazy. It took me almost a year to reach one thousand, and I went from 21000 to 22000 views in about 9 days. It's been crazy, so thank you guys so much.

I put up that statistic because the thought of Google Adsense is starting to pop around in my brain. I, of course, would get to choose the type of ads I'd like to put up, and I believe I get to also pick where the ads are located, and I would get paid per click. If I got some feedback on whether or not this should be an ad-run blog, let me know. It's cool to have some extra side-cash while doing what I love.

I feel like with the blog, I'm going to be doing more review type things (so don't expect these update posts like this in the future). My YouTube channel is the more segment, updated aspect of the blog. Meaning book talks on important subjects, maybe rants, movie v. books, and my favorite, the spy school conspiracy theory. This conspiracy project is one of my favorites, which I hope you guys will like to. I also believe that in the future, if anyone out there is a decent artist, I might pair up and work on an animated movie channel.

If we're focusing on future projects, I'd like to continue writing stories and maybe even a novel. Let me know what you guys think on the subject.

Well, that's all for me I guess, thanks so much for just visiting my blog.


  1. I'm still kinda pissed about that conspiracy theory that you happened to come up with by yourself(totally wasn't my idea), but I really look forward to it(so don't let me down. No pressure or anything). As for the ads...well, I think you should put them up if you want to put them up, it doesn't really matter to me since I have ad-block, but you should definitely make some money for all the great work you're doing. I think it would be nice if you wrote more stories, and I wouldn't mind editing and helping. I really liked your crossover fanfic, but the whole thing seemed a little bit rushed(no offence), but it was really good beside some very very minor things. I hope you consider my offer!

    1. -Well I mean, your idea was to link two different things, no mine is really more towards predicting the future of the series. I've been hardcore analyzing the books and I'm trying to give a good prediction. Not sure if it's going to be a video series or a blog series, but whatever. I'm just calling it a conspiracy theory because of the catchy title.

      -I rushed crossover fanfic because it got to a point where it seemed as if it was going to break 20,000 words, which to me is the magic barrier between a short story and a book. As for your offer, glad to hear it, but there's some things I'd rather take on solo.

    2. Alright. Also *lowers voice to whisper* does your conspiracy theory...Actually I'll ask you on Hangouts. Check your hangouts. Or Email.

  2. The ads sound like an easy way to make some dough. You could always try them, and if you don't like them, cancel them (I think).

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