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Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

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Image result for fablehaven seriesKendra and Seth Soreson are sent to the house of their mysterious grandparents when their parents decide to go on a cruise by themselves.  Kendra and Seth are left with their mysterious grandparents, who they've never seen before.  But when they reach the house of their grandparents, they find the sight shocking: Butterflies fluttering over the large, vibrant and healthy flowers, birds singing in the nearby forest, and a grand house, filled with antique and beautiful items.  But when Kendra finds a note saying "Drink the milk" she finds that her life is changed forever; expanded.  The milk opens Kendra and Seth's eyes to a world of mythical creatures.  They find out that their grandpa and grandma are caretakers of a secret preserve that holds many creatures, good and evil.  Kendra and Seth are excited to learn this, but when things go wrong on a festival night, when all the monsters come out of the forest to "play", Kendra and Seth find it their responsibility to save their grandparents, and the entire reserve.

What I Liked:
I am a lover of fantasy, and so this was really a great book for me.  It has practically every fantasy creature in it, and incorporates just about every other fantasy element.  It has a witch, satyrs, trolls, demons, fairies, imps, goblins and a whole lot of other fantastical stuff.  For a lover of fantasy, this is heavily recommended.  For a hater of fantasy *cough* Justin *cough*, don't read this.  Other than the fantasy elements this story is also very unique and I don't know much stories like this one.  I also liked the diversity of the characters.  Seth was very reckless and brave, while Kendra is more cautious and also smarter.

What I Didn't Like:
This book isn't exactly the best story I've read, and it wouldn't make it into my top 20 favorite books, but the story doesn't have much bad stuff either.  The story was somewhat slow at the beginning but it got much more exciting later.  There were a few parts where the author would describe their surroundings a lot, I somewhat got bored of those parts, although they still helped me visualize the scene better.


A solid 8.  Not too bad, not the best.  I gave it this rating because it fully satisfied my desire for fantasy, but didn't fulfill my desire for Middle Grade romance, which for some reason gets me all jittery.  It was still really good, had an original plot and the book is quite long around 350 pages.
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Review by Joseph

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