Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Top Five MG Books of 2016 (So Far!)

So I wanted to make this post at the middle of the year, but oh well, I guess we're nearing the middle of summer, so that counts.  (I guess). Anyways, here are the top five books of 2016, so far. Think another book should be on here that wasn't? Tell me what you think down below!

5) Home Run- So this is the Fourth Book in Tim Green's Baseball great series (which if you don't like Sports Fiction you NEED to check out because there's a lot more to it). Here, Josh's Dad gets a job offer at Crosby College down in Florida, and in turn has to move away from his family living in Bricktown, the shadiest of the shadiest places for Josh, his moma nd sister Laura to live in. Then Josh gets an opportunity- if he hits twenty home runs during the season, he gets entered into this home run derby. And if he hits a home run right into the red bathtub, he will win his family a new house in a better community. But after a scandal involving his coach, which is keeping him from playing and hitting home runs, Josh has to do everything he can to win his family that house.

4)Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics- This sequel to Escape from Mr Lemoncello's Library is one of the most humorous, and adventurous competitions in books yet. Kyle and his team are suddenly put in the spotlight, when other kids from around the US claim they could've done better. Mr. lemoncello decides to hold an olympics right at his library, to see if these kids can back up their word. After a tough, nation-wide screening, the top 32 library-braniacs are sent to Ohio, where they have to not only compete in games, but figure out: who's stealing books from the library?

3)I Funny TV- The fourth (and I think Final book) in the I Funny series is an absolute crack up. Jamie has finally won his own TV show, and realizes that making your own sitcom isn't as easy as he thinks. There's co-actors out to get him, friends that he can spend time with because of filming, and contracts, contracts, contracts! Jamie wants to back out, but he can't! Why? Because by spending his million-dollar prize money, he has to film the pilot of the sitcom. And now, the directors are threatning to kick him off his own show, meaning he has to find a way to find a million dollars. With the help of his friends, Jamie has to somehow stay on the show...without drowning in his own pool of sweat.

2) To Catch a Cheat- This is the second book in what seems to be a young but amazing series. Jackson Greene is back at it again, this time trying to prove that he did not flood the school. there's only one problem: there's a "surveillance video" (which is proven to be faked early on) of him and his friends flooding the school, which means one thing: Jackson needs to get that video. The only problem is that he's bring blackmailed by Rob and Thom, who won't cough up the video unless he helps them steal answers for Mrs. Clark's insanely hard history test. Jackson wants to help stop the cheats from cheating on the test but is it worth losing a possibly relationship with Gaby, student-council president who's also his half-ish-not-really-girlfriend?

1) Spaced Out- Was there any doubt? The sequel to Space Case is even more exhilarating. The death of Dr. Holtz is still in the "moonies"minds when all of a sudden Base Commander Nina Stack goes missing. Suddenly, accusations fly left and right as to who cause Nina to go missing. But the real question is...where did she go? They've checked the moon base about five times and yet, she hasn't shown up. And then, things start to pop up. Like why there are moon rocks stashed in Nina's room. And why are the Sjobergs suddenly becoming isolated in the room. Spaced Out will have your mind leaping left and right until it's thrilling conclusion.

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  1. Mayhem by Jeffrey Salane should definitely be on here