Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall

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Genre: Realistic Fiction
Age Group: MG
Publishing Date: June 14, 2005

"People sometimes make unexpected choices when they're lonely."

The Penderwicks' usual summer cottage got sold, and so instead they go to Arundel, an estate with huge gardens. In the family is Rosalind, the only one who remembers their mother (who died of cancer); Skye, the blonde one who takes after their mother; Jane, the aspiring writer; Batty, the one who still wears her butterfly wings; Hound, the lovable dog; and Mr. Penderwick, a botanist who speaks in Latin (only sometimes). When the four sisters explore the gardens, they meet Mrs. Tifton, the snooty owner of the house. She warns them to stay out of trouble. The best part of the estate is easily Jeffrey, Mrs. Tifton's son. They are warned time and time again to not get in Mrs. Tifton's way. They won't, right?

What I Liked:
Each character has their own personality. They each have their own quirks and flaws, which makes them all unique. I can relate to each of them in different ways. I have a younger sister like Rosalind; enjoy math like Skye; play soccer like Skye, Jane, and Jeffrey; read all the time like Jane; play a bit of piano like Jeffrey (although I’m sure he would be much better than I am); and play with my dogs a lot like Batty.
Another thing that I admired about the writing was the changes in perspective. The changes were subtle, but they were there. There were no sections with different people, instead they slid from one person to another during chapters.

What I Didn't Like:
Sometimes the characters made choices I didn’t agree with, but what they did kept the plot moving. There also wasn’t that much action, it was more of an emotional ride (except for a couple parts).

Rating: 8.6/10

This is one of the books that defines my early elementary school reading. This is one of those books that I am watching, ready for the fifth (and last!) book to come out (in 2017!). This is one of those books I have a history with.

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