Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Long Awaited Spy Ski School Prediction

So every time a book is set to come out (except for Spaced Out, because really the only thing that led to it was like the two sentence summary that all the books have) written by Stuart Gibbs, I kind of write this big chunk of words that really isn't edited or thought of of what I think the book will be like. And the weird thing is, while it's not totally 100% perfect, there's always one or two ideas I come up with that actually are in the book. So we'll see if lightning strikes thrice. Here is my Spy Ski School prediction.

So we're at the fallout of the missile blowing up ESS. It's been a couple of months since Ben has been suspended, returned, and where everyone else has talked about "the gang" leaving Spy School on a mission. So it's during one of their classes or one of the full-school training sessions or whatever where the whole gang is called to (or maybe it's like right after they get back I don't know) by the CIA (most likely represented by Cyrus and Alexander) before they're helicoptered straight to the Rockies, because they've caught wind that Jessica Shang, daughter of this Chinese crime boss for ski school. They settle into like a log cabin or whatever and the next day they, Jessica, and all the other kids in Ski School show up and the first day is as normal as spying in the Rockies gets. Once the class is over, they decide to tail Jessica to see where they go. When they find whatever hotel or house they're staying in, they get caught (this is the cliffhanger at the end of chapter whatever) and they have to flee home. Considering ESS took place in total in more or less about a week, the next week or so is pretty much like all the other spy stories. They still do "attend" the school while they try to spy.  Erica probably still fights with Ben, Chip and everyone else, Warren has most likely thrown five fits by now, Zoe could still be swooning over Ben, Chip and Jawa are doing there best to lead the pack and Alexander is probably still obsessing over Mr. Wigglebottom. According to Stu's "sneak peek" there's supposedly lots of plot twists, which means that it'll lead you down one path and *BAM* new information that screws with anything. Probably someone has been attacked by a skiing pole at some point. Or maybe someone's been attempted to be run over by someone on skiis, or a snowmobile. And I'm assuming SOMEBODY (most likely Ben) has a crush on Jessica, much to the dismay of Erica. And then I think that at the end somehow during this big fight scene with Jessica and her dad and whoever, Ben and the gang get led right to where SPYDER, Murray, Ashley and Nefarious are. And then they do there whole "Welp, we finally caught you am I right?" and then Ben and the crew are like never! And then there's going to be some snow or skiing related way they're going to be killed (maybe it's controlled by Nefarious who knows) and then finally Ben's just like "Wait, I know who we can save us" and then Ben does his thing where he's all like "Please Don't Do It!" and SPYDER somehow is like "Meh Ok we won't" or Ben like saves everybody by finding out his secret talent and using it (although I'm not quite sure it'll be revealed this early) and then SPYDER is taken out again. I don't know why, but I have this feeling in the epilogue that pretty much Jessica is like a really nice kid who was just born to a bad family and really likes Ben (or she could be completely evil in which case disregard that) but Ben's like "Nah, I got Erica" and Erica's Like "Cool we're friends now like I said at the end of ESS but even stronger" and then THE END.

So that was pretty silly huh? I told you a lot of the time these things are funny to read, and yet somehow there's a couple of items that manage to find their way into the book, although this time I highly doubt it.


  1. Ok, one questioooon: What about Ben's best friend? According to the summary in Goodreads, he's going to drop in on the Ski School and jeopardize the entire mission

    1. Ugh, forgot about that. I'll add it in tomorrow :)

    2. Oh! You mean Mike! I forgot about that guy too lol. I thought u were talkign about Zoe, because she's his new bestie.

  2. If you want to spy on someone, look no further than here