Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Leibster Award

So I was actually nominated for my first blog award! So apparently this award is going around the biosphere to promote smaller blogs, and I was nominated by Liv from her own fantastic blog Thoughts On Twelve (which you should check out here) So basically for this award I get to show this splendid award

Answer some questions, give some facts, nominate more bloggers and finally give some questions which those bloggers should ask. So here we go.

Q1: What is your favorite color?

A1: Green, Blue, Red they're all pretty cool I guess.

Q2: What is your favorite TV Show?

A2: Phineas and Ferb, Spongebob, Sportcenter, and all the Nickelodeon shows.

Q3: Do you Speak another language?

A3: Sort of. I mean I know a little Vietnamese and Spanish but not enough to be fluent.

Q4: What is your favorite genre to write in (if applicable)

A4: Realistic Fiction in general I guess. Spy Fiction or Sports Fiction more specifically

Q5: Who are your favorite authors?

A5: Stuart Gibbs, Tommy Greenwald, Shannon Messenger, Victoria Aveyard, they're all so cool

Q6: Favorite Type of Donut?

A6: Donutholes

Q7: Do you play any instruments?

A7: I used to play the oboe in middle school but I quit band now.

Q8: Play any Sports?

A8: Tennis and Soccer competitively. Basketball, Swim, Football for fun.

Q9: Favorite Type of Music?

A9: I dunno honestly. Pretty much the Hamilton soundtrack (which isn't really the correct answer but it's my fav music so whatever)

Q10: Favorite Store?

A10: Online: Amazon. IRL: Costco/Sam's Club

Q11: Do you like to cook?

A11: Yeah, sort of.



1) I'm in high school.
2) I'm unofficially offically Stuart Gibbs's number one fan not in LA
3) I love traveling
4) Food is my life
5) Hamilton is also life
6) I tried to write a book (and failed)
7) I was shouted out on Stuart Gibbs's website
8) My other role model is a man named Kyle McDonald who managed to trade a paperclip for a house (Seriously it's really cool)
9) I wear glasses
10) I volunteer at a library
11) I got nominated for this award


So I'm supposed to nominate only 11 blogs here, but there's way more who deserve this award. If you know anybody with a blog with less than two hundred followers, tag them!



1) Why Did you Start Blogging?
2) What's your Favorite Book?
3) Favorite Author?
4) Favorite Animal?
5) What do you do  for fun other than Blog and Read?
6) Do you write? What genre?
7) Do you watch YouTube?Favorite Channel?
8) Who's Your Role Model?
9) What's your fine art? (Artist, Theater/Drama Geek, Band, Choir)
10) What's your favorite food?
11) Where do you like to read?


  1. Replies

  2. I just have one question... Have you ever seen Hamilton?

    1. I've listened to the soundtrack a million times and saw this one bootlegged version before it got deleted on YouTube. I haven't seen it it real life but I'm willing to Wait For it.

    2. I wanted Lin to stay because I'm going next April but he had to leave. And he couldn't even wait for Hamilton's death date, which was 3 days after he left. But he performed one last time, and now I have to wait for it, but I will never be satisfied. And now it's quiet uptown at the Richard Rogers Theater, and I wasn't in the room where it happened.
      Also, is it possible to join your book club? I thought about asking last year but I was moving overseas for the first time, and things were hectic.
      I have the honor to be your obedient servant:
      M. Kim

    3. Man, you were going to see it in April? Bummer. Also, applause for the Hamilton puns. Finally, sure. Just email me @, and I'll immerse you into the weirdness.