Friday, July 8, 2016

The Last Musketeer by Stuart Gibbs (Reviewed by Aiden)

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Genre: Historical Fiction
Age Group: Middle Grade
Published: September 27, 2011 by Harper Collins

Summary:  Greg Rich’s live is going downhill, his family had to move from their mansion, and move to a three bedroom apartment. Now they are in Paris selling most of their precious and historic furniture to the Lueve, which his grandfather specifically told them not to bring to France. While at the Lueve someone who calls himself Michel Dinicoeur takes his moms necklace and somehow manages to send all of them to the past. As soon as they get there Greg’s mom and dad get sent to prison, and the whole army wants Greg to get sent to prison with them. As Greg is running from the army he meets Aramis who wants to help Greg free his parents. As they are trying to find information to find information about the capture they find out that Greg’s parents are sentenced to execution in 3 days, so he needs to free them, fast. They soon meet Athos, a soldier, and Porthos, a nobleman’s child. They then figure out that most of the information they need is in the castle, so the sneak in. While in they meet Milady, the future queen’s handmaiden, and the kind himself, who is actually only 13 years old, who both want to help them, so the king calls on the head of the army, who is actually Micheal Dinicoeur. As soon as he sees them they run away with most of the army chasing after them. For the next day they lie low, while trying to find a plan to make it into the prison and come out alive, while they become the musketeers.

My ThoughtsI really liked that it combined new ideas with old ideas. It is a good book with a well written story line, with many twists. There are many historical people and places. The book also has a lot of action where you can't stop turning the page. One of the most interesting parts to me is that he decides to make the characters the musketeers, there are not many books where someone is a historical figure, while it still being fiction. While at some parts of the book, it can move really slowly, overall it was written really well.

Rating: 8.7 Out of Ten

Why? This book is really well written but it didn't seem as good as the other Stuart Gibbs books.

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