Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Administrators!: Introduction

         The Administrators: As it has come to be Justin has gotten two new administrators, Libni and Matt. But we haven't really, fully introduced ourselves yet so we thought it was about time. For those of you who don't know recently Justin had a contest in the Book Club and Libni and Matt were the winners. Administrators can do anything on the blog but our main priorities are keeping it clean and making posts along with Justin. Along with the administrators, we also have authors who are the rest of the people in the Book Club. These people include Joseph, Sophia, and Aiden. The authors' jobs are to make reviews, and all of these will be scheduled and checked in with the administrators and/or Justin before being published. Enjoy!

Justin's Note: So I didn't approve of this....But whatever, I guess if you wanted to know whatever about my new co-partners, then I guess you can. *THE MESSAGE BELOW IS NOT APPROVED*

        Hello! My name is Matthew but you can call me Matt. I'm currently 11 year olds and some of my favourite hobbies are Soccer, reading books (wow what a surprise!), and playing video games of course! People usually know me as a typically outgoing guy, and I love making new friends. I love to make jokes about people (especially Libni!) I met Justin in the beginning of 2015 on Stuart Gibbs blog and we became friends. Soon after that I asked to join his book club and he obviously said yes, I have definitely enjoyed being here and now for the I will play a larger part with my fellow administrator Libni! I'm going into seventh grade next year but the year will still be fairly open for me to do my job as admin. I can be professional at times but I am generally a funny type of person (ask Libni). My favorite book at this point is a tie between Evil Spy School and Neverseen (The 4th book in the KOTLC series by Shannon Messenger who is a great author by the way). Make sure to read the Keeper of the Lost Cities series if you haven't already! Libni keeps telling Artemis Fowl but I haven't read it yet so better put that on my bucket list!! Overall this was great and I hope we can all become friends and I can get to know you guys!

         Hey people! I'm Libni. (pronounced as Lib-knee. Weird, I know) I am a completelyyyyyy normal 14 year old, I am going to be a Freshman in the fall like Justin and I do crazy stuff like paint on walls (nah, just kidding, I paint on normal stuff like normal people do *wink*) and I write, laugh, sing loudly and read like there's no tomorrow. I'm known to be kinda crazy, but fun and really outgoing. (This is the 6th time I'm writing this sentence because our old pal Matt keeps editing it with unfunny remarks! Yay!) (Unfunny only to Libni) I love ice cream, collecting souvenirs like ketchup (long story), watching Doctor Who, and I try to keep myself from killing Matt when he's annoying.
       I met Justin through Stuart Gibb's blog sometime in April 2015, clicked on the link to Justin's blog, and the rest was history. It's a really long story (more long of a story than the Ketchup Souvenirs) and maybe someday I'll share it with you. Overall I'm a likeable person, albeit I have weird ideas, and it's been awesome getting to know the people in Justin's Book Club and I bet it'll be a more awesome year spending it here with you guys!
      My favorite book is...hmm....ARTEMIS FOWL!!! Guys, if you haven't read Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer, then what are you still doing here reading?? GO! DON'T HESITATE. GO READ IT. JUST DO IT.
        To those of us who have already read Artemis Fowl and/or continued to ignore my order above, hello again. Overall I hope you guys can welcome Matt and I with open arms and with a book in hands, and I hope we can all be friends in no time :)

Thanks for reading people of Justin's blog! - Matt and Libni


  1. The unfunny comments were probably funny

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