Saturday, July 23, 2016

Lawless by jeffrey Salane

Summary: M Freeman is not your average girl, she lives in a mansion with her mom and servant. She is also homeschooled, taking classes that most people don't take. Little does she know that her mom has been preparing M for Lawless, a school for junior criminals. When she gets attacked and poisoned on her way to the school she starts to realize just how weird the school actually is. After being poisoned, she wakes up in a plane, which she has to land, and to make it worse, she has a fear of heights. Once she successfully lands the plane M and her roommate, Zara, tour the school to get ready for her first day at lawless. On her first day at Lawless, M gets all her stuff stolen and has to sneak into a student meeting. After a few months at Lawless, hanging out with her friends Jules, Merlyn, and Cal, a student who refers to himself as Adam Worth, wants her to join the highest group of criminals at the school, The Masters. She then finds out that in order to join The Masters she has to steal anything of her liking, and she chooses the takeaway Rembrandt , which her father was trying to obtain right before he died. After obtaining the Rembrandt, it leads her on an adventure which may make something that could destroy the whole world.

What I liked: I really liked how Jeffery Salane wrote it so that M had no idea that it was a school of criminals, yet she was better than most of the people at the  school. I also liked how some characters in the book are not who you think they are, in drastic ways.

What I didn't like: I didn't like how some of the minor characters were developed.
We only got told what they look like and what they are good at, but not much other information such as their personality. Also, some things were not depicted really good.

Rating: 8.3 out of 10

Yes I know fanfic isn't out I got swamped today, it'll come when it will, but trust me that will be soon.

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