Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Introducing Our New Admins and Authors!

So if you haven't heard, I've ran a contest that has gone for the past week or so which would determine our new admins and authors. If you don't know what those are:

  • Admins can pretty much do whatever I do. Post, delete comments, check out the views, which posts are popular and change the blog.
  • All The authors can do is simply post or remove themselves from the blog.
So...after the week long contest *drumroll please*...

OUR NEW ADMINS ARE MATT AND LIBNI *applause*. They will be joining me along with the rest of our book club, which are now authors, which inlcude Sophia, Aiden and Joseph (who by the way runs a really sweet blog, which you can check out here)

So really it's not "JustinTalksBooks" anymore it's more "Justin'sBookClubTalksBooks" but trust me, this blog will still be really cool.

Are you a kid and you wanted a chance to become my admin? Well this contest is now annual! If you're interested in joining our book club (although we're more like one of those group chats you just have with regular friends bc we don't really talk about books anymore but anyways we're still really cool I guess) hit me up with an email and you can join the book club! And who knows, maybe next year you could win the ADMIN OLYMPICS (or something like that)


  1. Replies
    1. Sorry Aiden. I know how you feel. You wanted to become admin. I really wanted to too. Although tbh, I probs worked harder than you... JK. Sort of. U did really well tho. You had more points than any of us.