Friday, July 15, 2016

Crossover Fanfic Part 16

I was in the administration building looking outside a window that overlooked the parking lot, or in this case, the parking lot that had been converted into the grand press conference for JJ’s dolphin extravaganza. I’d wanted to be right on stage where Summer was, but JJ said it was “bad for the press” to have  some random kid on the stage, so the next best thing was to let me in to the administration building which honestly was better than standing outside in the sweltering Texas heat. I’d wanted to be on JJ’s side, because y’know, SPYDER was around, and I knew they would strike.

Not a minute into the press conference, I was proven right.

It was Josie and Carly and Samantha who’d assisted in JJ’s kidnapping, which I couldn’t believe. The whole time we’d simply ruled them out because they were dumb. SPYDER seemed to always be a step ahead and realized they could plant three of their younger, female agents to pose as not-so-bright high school kids looking to make a quick buck reading information cards.

As soon as I saw it, I ran out of the administration building and started trying to fight the obviously upset crowds to find Summer and JJ. Thankfully, Summer found me first and pulled me up to the stage, so it’d be easy to run towards JJ.

“What happened?” I asked her, sprinting.

“I don’t know. My mom walked out of the car, followed by me, and then by JJ. Josie stood right at the top of the flight of stairs leading to the top of the stage when she just snatched him. The others were at the bottom of the stairs and they ran to a nearby getaway car” We ran out onto the main road where we saw a glimpse of the black car speeding away before it disappeared over the horizon. We saw the kid-spy gang and motioned for them to come over.

Erica asked Summer “Did you see the car?”

“Only for a second. It was a black van”

“License plate?”

“I’m 13, who memorizes license plates?”

They all turned to Ben, who meekly raised his hand, before speaking up. “Obviously that’s what’s SPYDER’s been after the whole time. The head of the whole company. JJ. He could easily be ransomed for all he’s got, what, a couple of billion dollars. Worst case is all the profit from FunJungle goes to SPYDER. They never wanted the dolphins.”

We all had a moment of realization. If SPYDER wanted a good ransom, sure JJ would be fine, but without the dolphin show, that would spark a national outrage. It’d be much easier to comply with SPYDER’s demands if they stole the dolphins. Suddenly we all turned around at the park and wheeled it over to the dolphin stadium, where our fears were confirmed: in the midst of all the chaos, SPYDER had distracted us yet again, this time, taking FunJungle’s most prized possession.

So all heck broke lose pretty much when JJ was dragged off the stage. People went crazy, pretty much every thing that could be remotely used as a weapon, shoes, purses, rocks, were flung toward the stage as a last-ditch effort to stop the bad guys. But alas, it didn’t work, and we were caught in this wild outbreak of insanity. It took a miracle to not only stay together, but find Teddy and Sumer. And an even bigger miracle to get back to our car and tail SPYDER.

We didn’t have any extra seats so Summer and Teddy just piled onto the floor. At this point, the last thing on our minds was getting pulled over by the cops.

“So do we have any idea where SPYDER could be taking them” Teddy asked. This was after the car had zoomed past Super Shoes Inc.
“No other intel” Cyrus replied at the wheel, shaking his head. “We’d always that that they’d be there forever. I guess we were wrong.

“How far could they be?”

“No Idea. They could be halfway to Dallas right now, to take us away from the dolphins, but right now, JJ is the number one concern”

Luckily, we didn’t have to make a four hour drive to Dallas. Unluckily, we took a five hour drive around San Antonio. It took SPYDER that long, trying to shake us, and in the end, they finally just led us to an empty warehouse building. I’m sure they didn’t want to leave JJ there, but they had a full tank of gas, as did we, and we were running dangerously low. The last thing they didn’t want is to be stranded by a forest and have to carry him through the woods on a gurney.

They hurried the shadowy figure into the building with about ten men around him, guns pulled out, looking at the van.

“Are they going to shoot?” I asked.

“Through our bulletproof wall and windows? They couldn’t hurt us. And the last thing they want is gunfire”

Summer, out of the blue, asked “Why? I mean, we can shoot ‘em down and then we’ll take JJ right?”

Cyrus chuckled at Summer. “No, it isn’t like the movies. If we shoot back at them, and I don’t want to resort to this, we can shoot JJ. We’d legally get away from it because we could claim it was a missed shot”

Summer’s eyes widened. “Wait…WHAT. WHY?. No, you can’t, not my dad…”

Cyrus put a hand up. “Yes, I know. Of course, we won’t resort to that, but if it means saving the park..anyway I shouldn’t be thinking this”

Summer calmed down. “Explain what good killing my dad suddenly happens”

Cyrus shrugged like the murder of an international celebrity was no big deal. “Well if he’s dead then they don’t have anything to ransom. Anyways here’s the plan”

After Cyrus told us what we were to do, we all grabbed our guns (except for Teddy, Summer and I, who were held to tasers) we waited five minutes before we stealthily ran to the front door, and picked the lock.

That was when SPYDER, out of nowhere, pounced on Erica, Alexander, and Summer.

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