Friday, July 1, 2016

Crossover Fanfic Part 15

“Darn it! Nothing!” I slammed my laptop in disgust. Summer had kept her cool a little better but I could see she was peeved too. We’d spent the last few hours going through hundreds of web pages, looking for an employee competent and recent enough to be SPYDER’s mole. But the only recent hires were perky young, and pretty females that, like Josie, were college or high school kids looking to make an few extra bucks and reading information cards.

“I can’t believe that nothing showed up! I mean how are they even getting in?!?” Summer asked.
“Well at least we did as well as Ben and Erica” Ben and Erica had gone through a similar amount of work although with no avail. All they found was that the sewage pipe had been installed to help filter the dolphin water, and that it was added toward the middle of the project which is why JJ had no idea about it, which Erica found five minutes into her search. They were over in the corner whispering over who knows what.                    
  She took out her phone and glanced at it. “Well it’s about five minutes until Cyrus and Alexander are supposed to meet us. I wanted my dad to come, but he couldn’t make it”

“Where is he anyway?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” she replied.

“Well now that you think of it, he hasn’t been around ever since we started investigating” I explained.
“I mean, he’s been out because he’s been overloaded with promotions and speeches trying to get as many people to the Christmas Extravaganza! Think it’s suspicious?”

“No…but just curious, what’s he doing tomorrow. Well he’s going to get all the new dumb-as-dirt girls to be like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and be on the stage outside the theatre when it opens. Probably some last minute organization and what not”

I thought for a second and then shook my head. “Yeah, nothing too obvious seems to be going on”
A few minutes later, a tired and equally mad Cyrus walked into the room with Alexander…and a cat
“Um..what is that?” I asked, pointing to the cat.

Alexander looked stunned. “It’s not a that. Mr. Wigglebottom has feelings to you know” he said before making kissy faces and apologizing for me “insulting him”

I turned to Erica and pointed at…Mr. Wigglebottom.

“Oh, we found him and used him for our last mission, and I guess they can’t separate anymore” She turned to Cyrus “Could he seriously not leave him at home?”

Cyrus shrugged. “It’s not the worst thing into the world. We got a camera on him and he was able to wander around the park in SPYDER’s headquarters while we were in the building”

“So what did you guys do today at SPYDER headquarters?” I asked.

“Oh more recon. The crew and I hopped the fence like we did…”

Summer cut him off. “Wait. There’s more people?”

Cyrus glanced at Erica with a you-didn’t-tell-them look before he explained to Summer that there were more kid spies, which he had to practically tie them down back at the hotel to keep them from coming, especially some kid named Warren who was smitten with Summer.

“Did you find anything?”

“I’d be much happier if we did. We spent the last five hours going through junk drawer after junk drawer and trying not to get shot by SPYDER. I mean, can you imagine the frustration?”

Collectively we all groaned “Tell me about it” as we all found some chair to lazily slump into, except for Ben, who simply fell on the floor, much to the dismay of Erica.

“I take it you had just as much trouble” Cyrus said, stating the obvious.

Erica spoke up. “I mean we did the logical thing. Ben and I searched through almost a hundred blueprints for one single mistake that was SPYDER’s way in. And nothing!”

Summer added “Not to mention we looked through hundreds of employee pages and we couldn’t find one employee recently hired enough to be SPYDER’s mole”

Alexander finally stopped looking at…Mr. Wigglebottom to speak up “So what do we do now dad?”
Cyrus looked at Erica “When can we talk to JJ?”

She thought for a second “After his press conference at 12 to promote the dolphin show, which may not happen if we can’t figure this out”

“Alright, we’ll see you there” Cyrus said before taking Ben and Erica back to the hotel.

The next morning was flat out rough. You have no idea how hard it is when a very strong and agile spy –in-training comes up to you and basically wants to kill you because you got to sneak off on a mission while he had to deal with Nefarious wanting food and Warren being Warren for three hours. Luckily, Chip was put in a better mood when Cyrus told us to come to the press conference together, so that there “wasn’t any whining”

We got there half an hour before it started, meaning that even though the press conference was outside in a parking lot, we still were almost half a football field from JJ, although with Cyrus’s binoculars, you’d think you were right there in the front row.

30 minutes later one of JJ’s pretty spokeswoman came out on stage to introduce him and all the other assorted admin involved in the dolphin show. Warren suddenly looked like he’d seen a ghost.

“Um guys” he whispered, raising his hand like he was in a classroom.

You can only take so much of the guy. And the car ride was just about as much as we could take.
We all screamed in unison “WHAT WARREN”

“Do you guys know who that is?” he said pointing to the stage,

We instinctively looked at Josie, who was one of FunJungle’s many recent spokeswomen hired. “Um yeah, that’s Josie? Pretty blond? High School Kid?”

“No that’s not a normal high school kid. I’ve been her biggest fan my whole life. That’s Ashley Sparks”

We glanced back at her for a second before everything suddenly clicked, Warren was right about something, that was Ashley Sparks. Former gymnast who had gone evil and turned to SPYDER.

Ashley must’ve noticed us because suddenly a bunch of smoke bombs were launched into the cloud, although before the smoke engulfed my vision, I saw one thing: Ashley kidnapping JJ McCracken.

Ooh, harsh cliffhanger right? The conclusion will come I think next week, and the epilogue the week after. Thanks again for checking out my blog!

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