Monday, July 4, 2016

An Interview With Shannon Messenger

So you know an author is booked when Shannon Messenger can only respond the three questions at 1 AM. Nevertheless, it was extremely cool to ask her some things I otherwise would've never known. So here they are, all three questions that Shannon Messenger, read and responded to.

1) So what's the story behind your website URL (For those of you that don't know what it is it's, because clearly you're not a "wannabe" writer anymore. Did you post other stuff that wasn't MMGM?

A- Ha- I get this question a lot, and the thin is, when I started the blog waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2009, I was very much a wannabe writer. I hadn't even finished writing a book. And the blog was my way of trying to connect with other writers and maybe find some motivation and inspiration. When my books sold in 2011, I thought about changing the url, but ... somehow that felt arrogant. I was the same person I;d been when I started the blog, and to switch felt like I was trying to say I thought I was somehow better than that now. So I kept it- though I did also route tot he same blog, that way it's a little easier for readers to find me, Someday I probably will build a proper website and close down this blog for good- but only because blogger is a pretty limited platform  and I could add more content if I moved to a true website. But I've been a bit too bogged down with deadlines to deal with that, so for the moment, things stay as is.

2) This has been most likely asked like a billion times, but any advice for fellow writers and bloggers?

A- That definitely is the 10,000 question. And my answer probably isn't all that exciting, but I also think it's really the only thing that matters: don't give up. I firmly, firmly believe that the only difference between someone who reaches whatever dream they're chasing and someone who doesn't is that the person who doesn't give up.  It may take longer than you want it to, and your journey may have more bumps and heartaches than you expected, but if you keep pushing forward, keep going, you WILL get there.

3) What is your favorite author to read (Other than yourself)

A- Gah- picking favorites is so hard! So consider these just "authors I love". For middle grade, I love Michael Buckley and Rick Riordan, and Gail Carson Levine and Brandon Mull. And for YA I love Kasie West and Ally Carter and Stephanie Perkins. AND SO MANY OTHERS but I'm trying not to give too crazy long of a list.

There you have it folks, Shannon messenger! *Applause Now* And if you haven't checked out her Keeper of the Lost Cities, why are you reading this interview? Go now!

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