Friday, July 22, 2016

Adults: Are they the good guys or bad guys?

So I know I've been ranting about certain plot segments or parts of a book, but no one likes to hear me hate on the lovable book world. However, I just can't go around liking everything, so this segment is going to be a mix of both. Of course, I would do this with a friend like in one of those Time kids magazine, but no one is around, so oh well. This argument is based on MG/Maybe YA books.

Pro: Let's start off with the fact that without adults we wouldn't even have MG books. No I'm not talking about the 99% of books that are MG but written by adults. I'm talking about the fact that these kid characters would not have existed if not for their mom and dad. So applause for them. But seriously, if a kid needs to go anywhere, sure a lot of the time they just sneak off, but when they need to go into the city across the county? Well they can't drive themselves. Also, some adults are just plain funny. They make you laugh either by their incompetence, or dad jokes (Yes. Dad Jokes are funny. Sort of.) Half the time they're actually really cool, and honestly they're kind of the reason the plot exists (unless of course, you're talking about a book where literally an adult is never mentioned.

Con:  First off they're a pain to the plot. You know why? Because they're parents. Think about it, how many books have you read where basically the whole plot depends on the parents not finding out about anything? I mean, they're doing a great job parenting but they're snooping around and grounding kids from going into space, finding werewolf aliens, or having a relationship kinda ruins the whole story. They're absolutely no fun. I mean, rules, rules, rules, us kids just want to be free. Also, I mean it's MG, not adult fiction with middle grade sprinkles. We want to see some kid action! Not some adult saying "Clean your room...take out the trash". I mean yeah, chores are good, but we don't want to read about that. We want to read about Bob Joe fighting dragons, while skating past a rival football game into a fantasy world right before he teleports to a diner to meet his girlfriend

Well, mini rant today I guess, not too much I can say about adults without rambling. What do you think? Do you like the funny, cool, pretty sweet dad, or dislike the adult that just has to ruin the plot. Comment whose side you're on below! Oh and the fanfic is going to be a day late for those of you wondering...


  1. Huh. I don't mind adults mostly. I really like those old wise dudes that are like powerful wizards or epic teachers, or something like that. *Sigh*. Oh Dumbledore, you were an amazing man....

  2. Parents are annoying. I'm writing a sort of spy book on Wattpad, and it's so hard to keep the kids's parents out of the way! BTW, you're getting like a million comments from me.