Thursday, June 2, 2016

The two year anniversary of my shout out is today!

By the way this was supposed to be posted 5 days ago, but I only remembered I wrote it until now. Two years ago I made a blog, and like two weeks later Stuart Gibbs the man the myth the legend gave me a shout out on his blog (Which you can see right here!)

Some cool book facts about Stuart Gibbs two years ago:

  • The Space Case series had yet to begin
  • Spy School wasn't a NY bestseller
  • It was common for his posts to have less than (sadly) ten replies (Today's have anywhere from 60 to more than 200!)
  • Poached, his fourth book with Simon and Schuster had just come out
Other random facts include:

  • Victoria Aveyard's Red Queen was half a year from being released
  • The Iphone 6 hadn't been released
  • The fourth book in the Divergent Series Four and The blood of Olympus had months before they were released.
It's been a crazy two years. I went from 60 views to more than 8000. I just love how during those two years, the popularity of Stuart Gibbs rocketed. Now everyone is clamoring for his books and for me personally, it just feels good to know that I was part of the small community, checking out his blog every day, way back in 5th and 6th grade when I picked up Spy School. Continue to read his books people!


  1. Justin Make a post about that evil spy school episode 1 season 1 thing even though it was very very weird!

    1. Hey how'd you find out about it. And do you mean like a review? What do you mean a post about it?


  2. Great perpective, Justin. It's good to look back on things and see how they panned out. Makes you realise how far you've come.