Sunday, June 26, 2016

Plans for the Summer

So this post is EXTREMELY late, and honestly it was only because I just thought of doing it thirty minutes ago. I haven't really done an "update" post in a while.

So throughout the summer, there's a bunch of projects I plan to carry out (a lot are based on request) which include (but obviously aren't limited to):

  • SS#4 Prediction (It's kind of a tradition now)
  • Reviews! Not just more of them but a new format. 
  • Finishing the Crossover/ working on the Erica POV/ and maybe new stuff
  • Introducing "pilots" of a couple of new weekly segments which could occur.
  • Interviews with people!
  • Daily posts in the month of July

Yes, you read that last bullet point correctly. Throughout the month of July, I will be making DAILY POSTS!!! And no, it's not like last year where at 11:59 PM it's some lame update, no these are legit, time-consuming reviews/stories/new segments and more! This is to thank everybody for 10000 VIEWS! I'd never thought I'd hit 5 digits, and I'm extremely thankful for it. So, to reiterate, if you would like me to do ANYTHING, click on the request post and comment what you want!

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