Saturday, June 25, 2016

Crossover Fanfic Part 14!

“What exactly are we going to do?” I asked Erica. It was noon, and after our conversation with Teddy and Summer, we’d changed into somewhat normal tourist clothing, and now we were standing in the main pavilion right in front of Hippo River. Alexander and Cyrus had to go fetch everyone back at the hotel an hour ago before they would leave an expedition into SPYDER headquarters. How they qould explain Erica and I missing would remain a mystery.

“Well we had to get rid of them some way. We’ve got to figure out what SPYDER’s plan here is exactly”

“Got any ideas?” I asked her.

“Just as many as you” She replied. We started with a quick laser scan of all the buildings just to conclude SPYDER wasn’t planning on blowing up the park or something. We didn’t find any explosives in between the walls, so then we moved onto the dolphin exhibit. We got into the dome like structure using the back door, and we glanced around the same maintenance area behind the tank with the sewage pipe as if looking at it after a hundred times we would find the key to the puzzle.
After an hour of looking at our only clue, we sat in the bleacher like area surrounding the big dolphin tank where in a little more than 24 hours, would be filled with people ready to watch a dolphin show without any dolphins. It was 2, and all the workers had abandoned the place, so we could make as much of a racket as we wanted to. I’d never seen Erica this down before. Normally, she would’ve been composed, but she… almost seemed to be sulking.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, taking a step back, waiting for whiplash.

She shrugged her shoulders. “The organization is going to put me into the field if two things happen on this trip. One: We stop SPYDER from doing whatever. And two, I lighten up. Apparently someone, Alexander most likely, blabbed about me saying that you have to be heartless or whatever back on the ship in New Jersey. It’s pretty bad to be heartless when a fellow agent is down and you have to choose to save them or yourself. They’re making me be all light and stuff, which luckily for Summer and Teddy, is about as much of me as they can handle”

“Are you serious? So you can’t figure out what SPYDER is doing…because you have to be nice?”

She turned to me and grinned “It doesn’t help that they’re as confusing as calculus is to a 5 year old.”

“So you have no idea what they could even plan on doing?” I asked her.

“Not a clue. Well, enough chit-chat time to get going” She responded, although honestly I would blow the whole mission to just talk to Erica somewhat normally.

“So, where to?”

“JJ’s office.  I’m sure something valuable is going to pop up there”

We made the trek over to the administration building and walked to the top floor, where we had the clattering of laptop keyboards, We walked in to see Teddy and Summer typing away.

They stopped and looked up at us, which I responded with “What are you guys doing?”

Summer quickly explained “So the dolphin keepers had no idea what the heck SPYDER was which makes sense: because SPYDER only just infiltrated 7 or so months ago and they’d been here for years. So we figured maybe SPYDER hired someone in a completely different field. I mean, as long as they had insider access, it didn’t really matter. Only problem is that there’s over a hundred or so workers, not to mention construction workers which at the very least triples that number.”

“I guess that makes sense” Erica replied. “How many have you gone through?”

Summer replied “Well it takes a while because you have to scroll all the way down to find when the page was added so in the thirty minutes we’ve been here: 40 so far”

Erica stuttered for a second. I could obviously tell she was holding back from bossing around everyone, but she kept her calm composure. “Ok, I guess you can do that. Do you mind if we go through all these blueprints? We might be able to find something?”

Summer stared at Erica for half a second. She looked up and down her, for any signs that she was keeping something from them.  She didn’t see anything. “Go for it” she replied, waving her hand somewhat dismissively while she turned back to her computer, typing in employee name after employee name.

Erica went straight for the “D” section while she instructed me to start at the “A” section so that in the situation SPYDER was trying to attack any other building or use another building to get the dolphins, it’d be quicker to figure out where. I pulled out a big packet and drawing of the “Amazon Adventure” and went to work scouring the blueprint for a tunnel or entryway and the packet of notes for any added features. I quickly glanced out at the massive park and it’s seemingly endless attractions. I sighed and began reading.


  1. She has to be be a spy? And so she can't find out what they're doing....What?

  2. Ok, maybe it's kind of confusing but let me explain. She doesn't have to be NICE but she has to lighten up. She's soo heartless that she'd abandon a wounded agent in the middle of a battlefield just to complete a mission, so the CIA tells her to be nice, all thought with Erica she takes that wayy to seriously and becomes this holy saint all of a sudden. And she can't find out SPYDER"s plans because she's not being herself, which is causing her to lose focus. Hey, I didn't want her to be a drill sergeant to Summer and Teddy and this was the only way I could explain it. Give a kid a break!