Friday, June 17, 2016

Crossover Fanfic Part 13!

My instincts and my reactions helped me escape into the whole as soon as I heard the alarm go off. We all piled into the hole except for Teddy, who was screwing around under the desk. Erica and I glanced at each other because we realized one thing: He couldn’t survive a second with SPYDER. Suddenly we saw him flying down the hole out of nowhere. Erica stuck her arms out and caught up, to the delight of Teddy. Summer closed the hatch and we ran.

Alexander may not know how to throw a punch but he was definitely in shape to run. Cyrus held his own against the four kids, which thankfully we were all in shape. We made it back to the dolphin tank in a little over five minutes, and then it took us another fifteen long, tired minutes to get to JJ’s office, which was thankfully empty.

I was breathing heavily, leaning on Summer who honestly didn’t care. After a couple of minutes to catch our breath, I spoke up “Teddy, what the heck did you risk your life for”

I panted for a second, hands on my knees, before I produced the drawer “I…saw something…thought….it might be…important”

Erica, who looked like she was disappointed in her speed, suddenly grinned at me “Smart to get the drawer, let me see what you have” She went through it and found a bunch of documents, basically the document which had confirmed that Lew Brothers had constructed the building, and various blueprints that diagrammed the sewage pipe connecting the building to the dolphin tank.

“OK, so it looks like SPYDER’s on to us. But at least we can confirm this definitely wasn’t a sewage pipe: it even shows right here that they front is detachable so that they could get the dolphins into the pipe, but we don’t know why they would go through the trouble of this whole thing” Erica explained to us.

Summer looked confused “Well, aren’t they evil and stuff? You said that they created a whole gated community for their evil schemes. I mean the dolphins are worth about a couple of million total. Wouldn’t they just do it for the money?”

Ben shook his head. “No, no SPYDER ‘s not like that anymore. They’re goal is to make money, not be famously evil. What’s an ulterior motive that they’d go through all the trouble of doing this?”

Erica spoke up “Exactly what we’re going to figure out today. Summer, you said that the dolphin show or whatever opens tomorrow at 8 right?” Summer nodded in confirmation. “Meaning we have today and a little of tomorrow to figure out what their true plan is. Summer and Teddy, you guys go to all the dolphin trainers and see if anyone is acting suspicious. We need to find their mole. Alexander and Cyrus are willing to go back to SPYDER headquarters, and Ben and I…well we’ll do our role”

I didn’t like that they’d be alone. “What exactly are you doing?” I asked.

“I would’ve told you if I wanted to. Anyways, meet up back here by 7 tonight” she said, before we all awkwardly exited the room.

Summer and I talked to all the dolphin keepers to little avail, which was unfortunate because it took until 7 to find them all and talk to them. Although to be honest, it didn’t really matter. Christopher, the head keeper, had been hired for years and was working with the other aquatic creatures and had only been moved to head dolphin keeper because of the newly acquired animals.

Ronnie was a 25 year old fresh out of college that was slightly new but a couple months before SPYDER ever invaded Texas. He’d gotten a bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology and did some field work for FunJungle in part of his bid for a Master’s Degree.

Josie, who actually was hired by seven months ago, pretty much knew nothing about dolphins and was only there to read cue cards and be attractive. She was put in Carnivore Canyon and was moved just yesterday, and the only reason it took us an hour to find her because she was an hour late, because of “Make up purposes”

“You know we’re going to be in trouble because we didn’t find anything, right?” I asked Summer, after our whole debacle with Josie.

“Well, if it isn’t one of the dolphin keepers, maybe it’s someone else who was recently hired? I mean, it could be anybody who could give SPYDER information right?”

“I guess so. Is there a quick way to check that?”

“Well, sort of, I mean I know everyone here, but I don’t know exactly when they were hired, but we can rule out a bunch. Such as Marge and Bubba”

We’d somehow walked all the way into JJ’s office absent-mindedly. Summer sat down at JJ’s desk and started typing away. “There’s a spare laptop in that drawer over there. If you help me with this, we’ll get down twice as quickly”

I powered open the laptop and sighed. This wasn’t the glamour and excitement I’d hoped that came along with fighting an international terrorist organization. I put in the first information and wrote down when he was hired. This was going to take a while.

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  1. Yay I liked it. What are erica and Ben going to do?

  2. I think you should do a top ten list on Tuesday. And nice chapter/part.


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