Tuesday, May 17, 2016


OK, so instead of doing something like a rant or whatever, considering that I was going to release Erica POV fanfic and the Crossover, I figured why not lump them into one day? Here is the Erica POV fanfic, continued from more than half a year ago! (admittedly, all of this is already out there, but I'm in the works of writing it, so here it is in one post, as a refresher) Crossover to come later tonight!

January 16
1650 hours
Principal’s Office
“Ok guys we got a new recruit. Benjamin “Ben” Ripley- 12 year old from some middle school. All right- don’t get yourself killed. Just try to scare the living daylights out of him. Positions!” The principal lectured us. I hadn’t even wanted to be here- dealing with some newbie who’d probably be too scared to touch a gun let alone fire it- but my idiot dad dragged me into it, as well as the principal with his lie of giving me extra credit. I figured I could have some fun. I didn’t know what I was getting into. I pulled my ski mask over my black clothes and got stealthily waited by the main doors.

January 16
1700 hours
CIA Academy of Espionage lobby

Waiting was the worst. All you hear is gunfire outside and you’re thinking “man, I wish I could just blow my cover and join the fun” But of course, work got in the way. I was supposed to act like one of the gunman terrorizing the newbie but following directions was a concept I just couldn’t grasp. As soon as the kid ran through the door, I pounced on him, pinning him to the ground. I played it off as if I hadn’t even heard of their being a new recruit. “A newbie? This day just keeps getting better” I thought the kid would be smart enough to realize that I wasn’t a burly dude ready to hurt him but the idiot sat there for a second before he finally realized I was a girl. I rolled my eyes and, with as much sarcasm retorted “Your Powers of deduction or amazing” To distract him to be able to size him up, I pulled off my mask, knowing my beauty- which surprisingly has helped in the field to distract the enemy- would get him to shut down. He was short, scrawny and looked like he would be knocked out if I kept pinning him to the ground. I also didn’t like the way he gazed at me so I got him off his feet and gave him a quick debriefing of the situation. I asked him the basic questions every young spy should answer yes “Do you have any weapons? Can you shoot a gun” The kid responding no just put me in a much worse mood. “Great” I muttered. I slapped a taser in his hand, which even monkeys can’t screw up, gave him a crash course and took him into hiding. It wasn’t hard, considering I knew the exact plans of the “enemies” where and when they were going to certain places, so I intentionally took him to an alternative route just to give him a tour of the school. If the kid was going to want to wet his pants, I figured I let the buttercup know where the bathroom is. Without blowing my cover so much as his, before he ran off scared, I whispered him some info.    “Two enemy agents. Upstairs. Go through the library and take the rear stairs up.” “Where?” he whispered. Some of the guys from outside were coming toward us, and fast. “The principal’s office” I hissed sending him off. I rushed up an alternative set of stairs before standing by a wall next to the principal’s office’s door in the shadows.

I emerged from the shadows a couple minutes later and revealed myself stone cold face and all. After bombing his SACSA’s the kid still had a nerve to give some lip to the principal? Any other kid does that with the skills he has is kicked out immediately. It was from that moment I knew something was strange about the kid, especially being that he was a wizard at cryptography, which even a normal person could tell he thought cryptography was like hieroglyphics to him. He interested me and I was determined to find more.

January 16,
1820 hours
Mess Hall

I’d become immune to everyone the first day I got here. They all wanted to talk to me, but I couldn’t eavesdrop on anyone if I had a hundred boys wanting to ask me out and a hundred girls talking about the latest spy fashion. It was too much. I marked my claim on 4th row table 5th from last a long time ago- close to the center table so that I could hear everyone but far enough from it I wasn’t in the center- which would be horrifying. Chip and his goons rushed Ben. Knowing his skills, I was antsy to just get up, whip out my stun gun and fire some darts. But of course to keep cover, I had to stay still so I plunged my nose even deeper into a textbook I already memorized. Luckily Chip, being the idiot he is, was terrorizing him about a Van De Graff thing. Morons. I mean, the knob is practically alive with sparks. Unless you had eyesight worse than my dead great-grandpa there was no way you couldn’t see it. Ben interested me. Gave me a lot of questions, none of which he answered. My curiosity got the best of me and I did something that would probably easily get any other student expelled.

January 17
0130 hours
Dormitory top floor

It wasn’t hard to change into a guy. All I had to do was put on a low pitched voice, tuck in my hair and pull on my ski mask. I added black mascara around my eyes just to confirm he would have no idea it was a girl so that way even if he’d tried to figure out my identity my using my eyes, all he’d see in the darkness was my pupils. I’d already studied his room- where his desk and bed was, the angle of his window. As long as I kept a gun pointed at his face and was at least a foot from the window, I was in the clear. I’d disabled the surrounding cameras around his room as well as a few others to make it act like it was someone from outside trying to get in. I picked the cheap dinghy lock on the door and snuck in. I’d used one of my no-fingerprints-left-behind spandex suits and grabbed the pistol brutally jamming it into his face. “Rise and shine kid” I said gruffly, thinking for a second what a guy would do. My choice was pretty easy after I saw him basically jump onto his wall and give himself a near concussion. I laughed. “Man you should’ve seen the look on your face. It was classic” A few seconds later, after he pleaded to not be killed, I asked the question I’d been wanting to know about. “Tell me about Pinwheel” “Pinwheel? What’s pinwheel?” I knew full well the kid was clueless on the subject but I didn’t want to leave any doubt. “You know damn well what it is. Don’t play stupid with me!” “I’m not playing! I really am stupid” Sheesh, the kid’s horrible He then spent about a minute stalling the crap out of me. Saying something about being Jonathan Monkeywarts, grabbing his tennis racket, and lots of stuttering. I pushed even further.  “What…is…Pinwheel?” After more stalling he said something somewhat useful: that It helped you circumvent a rotating sixteen-character daisy chain. I stopped. Maybe he did know what Pinwheel- the mysterious thing all the admins had acted like was the key to saving the nation- was and that he was playing stupid because of the assassin. I pushed even further. “How?” I asked expecting an answer I could memorize. But of course the idiot had only heard those words form Chip and blubbered something about “setting up a quadrilateral subnet matrix, then ossify the syntax and fibrillate the coprolites” I didn’t have time to play around, especially if anyone had decided to eavesdrop on our conversation. “I’m not an idiot” I said firmly “and I’ve run out of patience” Time to give him a pop quiz on self-preservation. Half a second after I raised the pistol he started swinging his racket down like an animal. Now, I was easily the best kid in the school when it came to one on one combat but when you’re in a tight room, you’ve got the lower ground on the floor while some maniac is blindly swinging a piece of metal at you, your goal isn’t to fight him off, but simply try to not get concussed. So I went into defense mode while he was hacking away at me like I was a fly. But he still somehow made contact with me- which wasn’t much but I over exaggerated it to get him off my back for a few seconds. I fell to the ground hard. Then he ran out of the room, giving me time to escape. I stealthily hugged the wall and before anyone got out of their rooms I was gone, down the stairs, into my dorm, as if nothing had happened. So he didn’t know about pinwheel or cryptography at all. I figured it was time to share my suspicions with him.

January 17
0500 hours
The box

It was probably harder to figure out where Ben was going to be moved while his bedroom was “under investigation” than to break into the box. I figured since he was the new kid, they’d cut him some slack and put him in Tina’s room or something. Nope. Even I think The Box sucks which is big news. Imagine being trapped in a cement room. And then that cement room is guarded. Basically it’s like saying “we’re going to put you in a really ugly room with no entertainment but some textbooks and then you have to stay in there until we say you can leave” But I wasn’t in the box, so I wasn’t complaining. My grandfather had told me about a secret tunnel to the box- on one side, a 16 digit pass code was needed for a 12 inch by 12 inch 6 inch thick slap of concrete to swing open quieter than a fly ten feet away. Still wearing my black spandex suit, and armed with a rag I hopped in, using a cat-like ninja stance to land quietly. I paused before I leapt on to him and stuffed a rag in his mouth. He tried to bring up his knee but I’d already thought of that bride so I put him in a scissor. “Take it easy I’m not here to hurt you” I hissed. “Mmmmthmmpphffthh” he responded which could’ve meant anything from “Ok I won’t keep fighting” to “Once you let go of me I’m going to yell and scream” but I let him relax after he showed signs of calming down. I gave him a small threat before I fully got off of him.  “Don’t. There are cameras in the room” I told him after he made an attempt to reach for his bedside lamp. Quickly, I explained why he was so confused about the subject Pinwheel (because he didn’t know what it was) why everyone thought he should’ve known what it was (it was in his file) and after he finally figured out the principal forced someone to put false information in his file to catch a mole…well I explained the next unofficial step of Operation Creeping Badger to him. It was kind of hard to make sure I didn’t blow my cover as an assassin as a guy but when he mentioned Alexander was the worst. He was such a sham, yet the kid still thought he was our savior. The feeling to punch him was coming over me but I let it pass and said as monotonously as I could with a dash of sarcasm “Yes. Alexander’s involved” He decided to change the subject which I definitely had no problem with. I explained a lot more stuff to him. He questioned “who exactly we’re talking about here” but I kept my composure- which would’ve normally screamed Idiot! and calmly explained we’re basically talking about anyone evil. I grimaced when I had to explain that Joshua had died. He was the only person I liked here- and I was going to pop the question but had to die. Ever since I’d been a grudge. I tried to hold back a smile but I’m all for making progress as a spy even if it starts with you being able to use common sense. Finally, I’d talked him up to agree on a plan to uncover the mole. Sure it was dangerous and probably would get us expelled but I knew he’d take it. I was sure at some point along the mission, he was going to be of use. I stuck out my hand. He was hesitant to take it but I read his eyes and knew he was going for it. I saw right away he had a crush for me, which was no surprise, but I heart seemed to beat up a little faster than normal, which was weird. He took my hand and he seemed to like the warmth and softness of it- which I made a mental note of in case I needed to persuade him in the future. “What do we do next?” he asked.  I smiled inside. This was going to be fun.

Academy Training Grounds
February 8
1400 hours

I was on my own in the paintball war. Hiding behind the mill, I cocked my paintball gun and got into ready position. . I could’ve gotten the flag and ended the whole paintball war at any time I wanted to, but I figured I could let Ben show off his skills to Zoe- which was starting to get obvious he was growing to like her. They were moving away from the hideout hole, so I had to adjust my position by moving around the mill to get out of their line. They climbed to the top of a hill and I watched as Ben set his gun in the crook of a tree. After a minute or so he glanced behind him. Even through the snow, I could tell it was Chip and his moron friend Hauser running toward the gardening shack. I started to shrug it off as two idiots getting out of a fake war but something about Ben’s reaction to them made me think something was going on. I decided to end the war now. I backed up just a few feet and then charged at the mill as if I were from the shadows. I climbed up and knocked them all out easily. I grabbed the flag and acted like it was a piece of junk. That was all Ben needed as he scurried down the hill in pursuit of Chip. While I was being mobbed by all the newbies, I was getting ready to activate our operation

Considering where Ben was heading and the most likely direction Chip would go in the not so secret underground passages I headed for the main hall of the Hale building. And as always, they both emerged from a doorway wrestling with each other. I was about to step in when the principal came in and yelled at them for a second before getting distracted by a squirrel outside. I took the opportunity to plant the bug I’d been holding onto Ben. At first I wanted to act aggressive but I figured the kid needed some good rep so I pretended to actually care for him. I walked up to him, knelt down and cradled his face. “Are you okay?” I quietly whispered as I jammed the small bug into his right ear. “I’ve been better. There’s a bomb under the school” That shocked me for a second. Most likely, it wasn’t a bomb but I told him I’d be on it. After the crowds dissipated and the principal led Ben and Chip to his office I went through the same door they’d come out from disappearing into the subbasement.
Subbasement 1
Febuary 8
1525 hours

I’d been listening in on the extremely boring lecture the principal was giving Chip and Ben, about having high standards and how they shouldn’t be expected to graduate with such bad behavior while taking information from the bomb and dismantling it. Ben basically implied that there was a huge bomb still there, but when I got there, all I saw was some remnants of C4 and the residue of the C4 putty. I was just dying to figure out who the mole was and how his timing was perfect but nevertheless; I got some fingerprints and put everything in an evidence bag. I figured it was time to talk to Ben. “Hello Ben” I said, clear as day. I figured he would do what any normal person would do and turn around to see who was talking to them so I ordered him not to turn around. “Don’t do anything” I said “And don’t respond to me. I’m not in the room. You’re the only one that can hear me” I told him I’d bugged him (and I could tell he was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t starting to be a caring friend) and I carried on with my plans. “Now, I need you to do two things: First, I need you to pay attention to the principal. Not what he says”. What he does. Try to remember everything. Second, I need you to insult him” I could practically feel that he’d just thought I was a maniac, so I tried to make him feel confident enough to do it. “You have to trust me. Everything’s going to work out fine” Not five seconds later he turned into an arrogant version of Ben. “You’re old. Was I being too subtle to you” he said. “Perfect!” I crowed “Keep it up!” After another minute, the principal finally decided to punish him. “Make him do it now” I instructed him. I’d heard the principal ask “right now?” somewhat hesitant because most students never even get close to thinking about insulting the principal. “Right now” I instructed Ben, in which he followed. I turned back to the information I’d gathered in this weird bomb hunt trying to figure out who did this, and why in the first place? I guess I forgot to tell Ben to stop because he fired off another insult. “When I look at you, I see the other end of the bull” “Whoa there, tiger” I said, hoping I wasn’t too late to stop him “You can take it easy now. Job’s done” The way the conversation was going, I just shut off the earpiece before I went deaf and raced upstairs mapping out my next plan.


  1. Ok. I like the other fanfic better. Your perspective of Erica is certainly very very different from mine. If I wrote this, I would write her as uncaring, no humor, no fun, and cold. Basically everything she seems like on the outside. Emphasis on the uncaring part.

  2. Ok. I like the other fanfic better. Your perspective of Erica is certainly very very different from mine. If I wrote this, I would write her as uncaring, no humor, no fun, and cold. Basically everything she seems like on the outside. Emphasis on the uncaring part.

    1. Ani me-

      Honestly though, would portraying Erica saying "I don't care for you, I'm just doing my job" and giving Ben a glare like the Grinch make for a good story?

      On the real though, if you see Erica that way, fine, I can't stop you. I see Erica that she has a front. Her front is that she's not fun, not caring, she's a rock, why does she do that? Maybe it's to get info, M it's so she can focus, whatever. But on the inside, she's like every teenage girl, funny, happy, cares for human beings. You can see this in ESS because she gives mouth-to-mouth to Ben and flings him into a ditch to save him dying. Not to mention every single smile she gives. In the upcoming books, I see her pulling down her front as she learns to trust Ben (she's already done it to Cyrus, because she trusts him) which is why I portrayed her like this)


  3. Okay so I like this story a lot. I agree with how you portrayed Erica. She does sometimes act happy and carefree. This story is pretty good so please update soon.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. And the story was never updated again :(

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