Friday, May 13, 2016

Crossover FanFic PART 9!

Ok, so 9th installment of the fanfic, which I think is coming along good. Speaking of other things, anyone remember the old Erica POV story? Well, someone was asking for it and I actually found the file so I think in addition I might start releasing some every now and then, most likely Wednesdays of Thursdays. I also have a review of something coming be on the lookout for that. Anyways...enjoy!

We ran down the stairs where we met three SPYDER agents, big, muscular men dressed like T-ball coaches, in t-shirts and shorts, were running at us. There were at least four more cars with similar built agents showing up, with I presumed more to come. Fighting them obviously wouldn’t work- after the first couple waves, no matter how good we were, we would get overwhelmed. Cyrus took a split second to take us around the back, and now it was simply a footrace to the back fence, assuming no one was back there of course.

We made it to the fence, and all in one stride, Cyrus sprayed a material on the electrified barbed wire fence which allowed him not to get shocked, and then hurdled over the fence. Erica and even Alex followed him, which left me. Now, I’m not as weak as I was before, but I wasn’t nearly in shape to scale the fence in one stride. I could do it, but it took a few seconds. In the heat of the moment, I remembered I was armed: I did have a taser. It was one of those where it fires at people and you don’t have to make contact. So I jumped on the wire, turned around and shocked the burly agent, a split second before he got to me.

I didn’t realize the effect of making a 250 pound man, running full speed one direction, completely do a 180 the other way. He ran back and knocked the other two agents in pursuit of us flat on their feet. I climbed the fence the way you would when you had to retrieve a ball during school, all to the dismay to Erica but hey, at least I was alive. Our car had been outfront, and as with everyone else, I assumed SPYDER had taken it over, so we only had one other choice, run to FunJungle. As soon as made it over we began our journey, in the middle of the night, out in Texas country, with dozens of enemy agents out to kill us.

I was as frozen as JJ learned that we were dealing with Spies not your average bad guy. These were people the government was after. I had no idea how they were going to get to FunJungle but as soon as they suggested that we go, I sprinted to the car and booked it out of there with Summer and JJ in tow. Marge and Bubba followed behind and we quickly drove back to FunJungle. JJ assumed that something had gone wrong with them trying to get back, because by the time we all get settled in JJ’s office, they still weren’t back. We set up cameras around the front entrance so that we could let them in.

“So… What the heck do we do” JJ asked to nobody in particular.

We glanced at each other before we stared at the ground because in truth, we didn’t know what we were going to do. How do you combat criminals who you think just Wave a gun at you but are so important the CIA sends people to fight them? With JJ deep in thought, Bubba playing with his security badge and Marge glaring at me, I turned the Summer.

“I’m assuming we’re going to solve this ourselves? I mean, we’ve got one of the better track records for thirteen year olds.” I proposed.

“That’s what I was thinking. Where should we start?” Summer replied. That was Summer. She didn’t care if we were going against some employee looking to make an extra buck or international criminals. She wanted to do everything without help, well excluding me.

“I was thinking we should find that girl and see what she knows” I said, partly because she sounded like our go-to for information, mostly because I wanted to see her again.

Summer looked miffed, and for good reason. We’d unofficially been going out, and that wasn’t saying a lot. The only times we’d been out was behind the scenes at FunJungle, and after our third “date”, I basically knew more than the contractors about FunJungle. We’d been to malls and such near San Antonio, and of course McDonalds, which as always ruined by paparazzi who’d gotten wind of our after school hang out and showed up with their big bulky cameras.

On the other hand, this is other girl, and I hate to admit it, was way prettier than Summer. She wasn’t like Summer, but I liked her more. She was athletic, seemed to like defying authority as much as I did, and honestly I felt like it wouldn’t be hard to get her on a date.

Summer sighed. “I guess you’re right” she told me,  “eventually we’ll have to ask them because what the heck do they mean that they’re spies”

“Because I thought we were dealing with someone as harsh as Hondo or someone”

Summer shivered when I mentioned Hondo. Hondo was her new security guard hired because the old ones didn’t notice when Summer went and gave them the slip. But then he’d stabbed his back and was involved in this whole situation involving the removal of Rhonda Rhino’s horn. He’d handcuffed us and did that whole pointing-a-gun at us act, but honestly he hadn’t hurt us

“Do you think that they’d be out to do any harm?”

“I dunno. Honestly I assumed that they were after the dolphins, but maybe they’re after something else?”

“Yeah, what would they be after? Because going after some dolphins are kinda lame”
“Well, in the dolphin’s defense, they are worth half a million each”

“Maybe…” Summer started. She never got to finish the sentence. Someone broke down the door and let themselves in.

We spent about twenty minutes to complete a run which I assumed in a car, would’ve been less than five. It was only about a mile, but Cyrus forced us to hide behind a tree every time we saw a light or anything. When we finally arrived at FunJungle, we hoped the fence, which was surprisingly low for a multi-billion dollar project. Cyrus led us to the building near the entrance, which we assumed was administration. We scouted the three levels until we reached the top, where eventually we found JJ’s office. Erica pulled out her lock-picking kit (“Travel Size” provided by the CIA) and we broke in.
You could taste the awkwardness in the room. Summer and Teddy were frozen together, JJ snapped out of his thought, and the security guards looked at us curiously.

 Erica did the talking “So we should explain who we are, but are you going to introduce yourself?”

They went around the room, although we knew who most of them were. The boy who was my size’s name was “Teddy” and the two security guards were “Bubba and Marge” We went around, and then we tried to explain. Or, Erica did and we all kind of stood back and nodded when they looked at us to confirm what she was saying.

Erica talked about how we were from the CIA and that we were after the evil organization group “SPYDER” who we presumed was occupying Super Shoes Inc. She creatively avoided how we were Spies and talking about Spy School by shocking them with as much information as we could give them. After she was done, JJ spoke up.

“So…what exactly do we do?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. If you haven’t figured it out, SPYDER is very dangerous, even to us. We’ve heard of what Summer and Teddy could do, but that was with relatively lame villains”

“Like you’ve done anything” Teddy retorted. A part of me was feeling he spoke up only to get Erica’s attention, mostly because of his crush on her, which even Alexander had figured out.

“Have you survived gunfire in the middle of the night five seconds before a missile lands a hundred feet from you?” She glared at Teddy, which made him stand down.

“Anyways…I want you to help us with access throughout the park JJ, but we don’t need anyone else. The government sent us down here for a reason, and we don’t need assistance”

JJ nodded. “I get your point. But are you sure you don’t need Summer and Teddy?” They can be clever at times…”

Erica stopped him. “We’re fine. Where should we meet up tomorrow?”

“How about here at 7:30? Everyone at the park gets here no earlier than 7:45 before the park opens at 8, so it’ll be abandoned before then”

Erica shook hands with him “We’ll see you then”. She lead the way as we followed her out of the room.

Once we’d completely left the building, I asked her “How much do you want to bet Summer and Teddy try to invade our meeting?”

“Fifty bucks” she replied, a grin creeping on her face.

“I’m assuming you planned the meeting to happen not only on their territory, but also for them to be there”

“Do you really underestimate them?”

“Really?” She glanced at me with a you’re-too-dumb-to-live look. “Of course it was a bluff. Have you seen their track record. Teddy seems to stumble across the plot out of nowhere, and Summer probably knows her way around the park better than JJ. If SPYDER is anywhere, we’ll find them with Summer and Teddy. Though their combat skills are pretty much worthless…hopefully we don’t need them for that”

Erica’s plans for the most part were right, so I just had to trust her. Also running a mile and change and break-neck speed with an evil organization chasing you was, surprisingly, tiring. I crashed as soon as we made it back to the hotel.


  1. I'm going to visit this place regularly now.

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    1. Also, can you add Mr. Wigglebottom to the story? I want to see the feline pleaseeeeeeee :3

    2. Maybe Mr. Wiggle bottom is already set to make an appearance


  3. I love it. Can you post sooner than next friday? I really like it the plot line is great.

    1. Well five people do need to comment... I dunno really. I think I'm bringing back a little of the Erica POV on Tuesday, and who knows, maybe a little more will go out with it. Also, be sure to check that top tab at the front now and then...some stuff may be released for a couple hours and taken off...


  4. Based on the rest of the comments, I'm feeling really picky and mean...Is it just me, or can anyone see a few plot holes? Didn't J.J build a wall around the park? And why would you kind-of insult someone you have a crush on to get their attention? Anyways, I think I'm being too picky...maybe I'm just weird. But the story line seems cool, and Erica's personality has changed quite drastically...Anyways, really good fanfic! Can't wait for the next one!

    1. Ani Me-

      Uh...I think Erica and the gang jumped a fence so...? Haha, I forgot you're in 6th grade. Brother, when you get to middle school, you'll find yourself doing anything for a girl's attention, heck, Teddy almost died for Summer, I think an insult is a little tame. Thanks though, and with Erica's personality change...all I'll say is you'll learn more about it


    2. Oh so there's a reason behind he magical and sudden personality change! Okay that makes sense. And at the end of Big Game, I might've forgot, but I think J.J said he would build a wall around the park, so the fence would be gone, right? Also, in Canada, Gr. 6 is middle school, and well, I don't think anyone actually has a crush on anyone around here...and I'm in the same class as Gr. 7's and 8's so yeah.

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    4. Well, even if that happened, that's what I mean. They have to jump the barrier around the park.


  5. *ahem* Fanfics are bound to have plot holes at some point. Justin isn't Stuart Gibbs, they're not on the same mental channel. Don't ruin it for others plz.

    P.S I've read other fanfics that totally SUCK. Like, really suck. As in -makes-no-sense-because-the-entire-plot-is-twisted suck.


    1. Jaz-

      Yeah, I think as I've said it gets kind of stupid at points but hey I'm only 13.

      OMG yes, other stories online just...what even? How many SG stories do you see throughout the internet? They aren't common like they are for trash books like Twilight.



    2. I've actually seen some pretty sweet fanfics before, with really good plots and all. Not for Stu Gibb's books, of course, but other books I've seen. And I'm sort of a critique and I hope that my feedback is used to IMPROVE the story, to make it BETTER, not to ruin the story for others.

    3. I've actually seen some pretty sweet fanfics before, with really good plots and all. Not for Stu Gibb's books, of course, but other books I've seen. And I'm sort of a critique and I hope that my feedback is used to IMPROVE the story, to make it BETTER, not to ruin the story for others.