Friday, May 6, 2016

Crossover Fanfic Part 8: READ IT AND SHARE IT PPL

You'll either love this part, or you'll hate it because it's so cheesy. Either way, let's get 7 comments! I'll release more on Tuesday!

The SPYDER agents were tough, but thanks to Erica’s amazing fighting skills, who took down two of them, as well as Cyrus and Alexander able to handle both guys, we finished them off, an put them behind the building. Cyrus then spent the next minute yelling at Alexander for setting off the “------ Alarm”

On the way out, the SPYDER agents reset the door lock, assuming they would take us down, they didn’t put it in some sort of lock down mode, so Cyrus had to break in again. It took him a minute, but he eventually got in. Of course, as soon as got in, we heard some more people. I, as well as everyone else, put our hands on our “weapons” them three guns, me my handy taser, as we assumed it were more SPYDER agents.

“WHEREVERY YOU ARE, SHOW YOURSELVES” a woman yelled, raising her gun in the air like at a track meet. We lowered our hands before Cyrus sent Erica and I to fight them.

“They shouldn’t be hard Ben” he said before I ran off to them “But if they are, please don’t kill yourself, let Erica take them” Cyrus said, before he and Alexander slipped into the building. From my Disarming the Enemy class back at school, I learned that you have to run in a zig-zag before you basically tackle them. Of course all of which I forgot, so I ended up mimicking Erica.

We tackled them from behind as they both dropped their guns and fell to the grounds. At least I know how to pin someone on the ground, but in my defense, anybody could’ve.  These two people were big, weren’t agile, and frankly were less qualified to be armed then I was, which was saying a lot. It was after they were lying on the ground when I noticed three people hiding near the corner of the wall, JJ McCracken and Summer, and another kid who looked to be my age that was staring at Erica, which was understandable- she had that effect on basically everyone.

Erica broke the awkwardness. “You must be JJ McCracken” she half whispered, loud enough to be heard.

“Yeah” JJ whimpered, hiding behind Summer. “Are you going to…” JJ paused while he pointed to the two what looked to be security guards we’d pinned to the ground.

“No” Erica said “As long as you don’t point a gun at me or my partner Ben” She glanced at me, the one that she used to question people, which I silently responded with my classic “I don’t know” shrug. She must’ve not seen them as a threat because I followed her lead as she walked over there.
We all shook hands and we greeted each other. Summer was grinning at me for some reason, and for a second I totally forgot I had a full blown crush on Erica. She’d dressed up in something similar to Erica, all black and it was tight enough which showed off her slender curves. She let her hair down though, and her outfit was topped by a pink necklace, her signature color.

“You guys got other people in there” JJ nodded toward the building.

“Yeah…why” Erica cautiously replied.

JJ looked nervous. I’d heard stories that outside of TV, he was one unconfident man. It seemed to show. “Well…uh…I mean…I thought…it would…be……should get…”

Erica cut him off. “That’s what I was thinking. Did you hear the alarm?”

JJ’s eyes widened. “Alarm?”

Erica sighed. “I forgot you weren’t CIA spies like us. Anywhere private we can go where you can fill us in”

JJ had tried to keep a poker face but when we told him we were spies, he kind of had a heart attack and froze.
Summer spoke up. “Yeah we do, back at FunJungle. We can go to my dad’s office” JJ nodded to confirm.

Erica replied “Ok you guys can get a head start, we’ll meet you back there” Marge and Bubba had gotten up upon hearing they’d leave, and sprinted to the two vehicles outside the fence as fast as they could. Summer, the other kid- who’d been quiet the whole time and was still staring at Erica, and JJ made their way back to the car while we went to get Cyrus and Alexander.

“You think we can trust these guys?” I asked her when we got into the building looking for Cyrus and Erica.

“I mean, they’re giving us a private place to convene and they weren’t trying to attack us or anything. Plus, comparing to the people you’ve fought with, what’s the worst they could do”

I couldn’t really focus on what she was saying or that we’d found Cyrus and Alexander. Because we were on the second story of SPYDER’s new headquarters when backup enemy agents showed up.

“Let’s go c’mon Alex!” Cyrus shouted, trying to hide ourselves didn’t matter at this point. 




  2. This was weird. I don't think Erica would attack an "enemy agent" if she didn't need to.

  3. This was weird. I don't think Erica would attack an "enemy agent" if she didn't need to.

  4. Ani me-

    She didn't need to? Id on't care if it's SPYDER or some random dude on the street, someone waves a gun and says "SHOW YOURSELVES", you need to take them out. She definitely needed to take down Marge.


    1. Yeah, but whoever waved the gun didn't know where they were, and they are highly trained spies, so couldn't they sneak away? Wouldn't it be better not to draw attention to themselves? Like if someone was waving a gun at me, I would run away faster than...faster than a bicycle!

    2. Ani me-

      They were trapped in an electrified barbed wire fence with the only entrance being covered by the possessor of the weapon. They don't really know the place that well (they barely even knew it existed) so I guess they couldn't have figured out a way to escape without being seen (because if they were, they'd be shot). Speaking of which, if soeone is holding a gun to you, DON't RUN. I don't care if you're a Cheetah, even a cheetah can't out run a speeding bullet. Also, I don't think it's in a Spy's blood to run away :)


  5. that was really good. my friend also likes your stories but she uses my account. post again soon.