Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Crossover Fanfic Part 12!

Teddy's: Summer grabbing my hand made it felt like the cheesiness you find in a movie. It’s just like a walk to a building we’ve been to and back, no big deal right? But I think complying with this task meant more, we were in for the whole ride now.

Inside, it was exactly what you expected a sewage pipe to be like. It was dark with a faint light every couple of minutes which I assumed were for workers to somewhat see, and there was a lot of gunk on the ground which we had to avoid by walking on the sides of the circular tube. Erica had fallen behind when Cyrus and Alexander wanted to sprint up there to see if it connected in any way to SPYDER’s base.

“So I don’t believe we’ve met without me pointing a gun at you” She shook hands with Teddy and Summer, which was really weird for her, the only other times she’d had hand to hand combat not in a fight with enemy agents was with Cyrus…or me.

“Why are you so cold?” Teddy said, out of the blue. We all turned at him before Erica sighed.

“It took a while to explain this to Ben” she said pointing at me “But in the spy business, you just can’t be nice. That’s how people are killed. You be really nice to one person and the next thing you know they turn on you and shoot you. You guys will be safe in your nice FunJungle suites while we have to lug it out somewhere across the US in the middle of the woods”

“Uh, have you seen the trailers. Trust me, the woods are the Ritz compared to the dinghy motor homes” Teddy replied.

“Not when you have an enemy organization after you and when you have no supplies. At the very least every day you’re guaranteed food, a roof and that you’ll wake up in the morning”

Summer finally spoke up, which got me listening “Who is this SPYDER anyways?”

Erica thought about it for a second before she responded “I don’t expect you guys to get this, but SPYDER is an international organization who before we thought were evil guys, which they still are, but based on their last plot, they’re more of a money making greedy business than evil terrorists. Did you remember how they tried to blow up the New York bridges”

Summer looked surprised. “That was them? What was the goal of that anyway?”

Erica again pondered her answer before she responded “Ok, this is part of a CIA cover-up so please don’t go blabbering to your daddy or the news about what really happened, got it?” The glare in Erica’s eyes, even in the dark, seemed to burn through the fiercely nodding heads of the two thirteen-year-olds. “Well, in reality, SPYDER has this company, Lew Brothers, that is a major construction company. They were going to get paid billions to fix the bridges once they destroyed them”

While Teddy looked to be intrigued by the fact, Summer look shocked. She managed to sputter out “Wait…can…you repeat..the company name…SPYDER…owns?”

“Lew Brothers. Why?”

“That’s the name of the construction company who built the dolphin tanks…and the one who surveyed the entire park above and underground for new hotel and other attraction opportunities”
Erica muttered a curse. “So they know pretty much everything about the park?”

Summer nodded. “They could’ve installed anything and we wouldn’t have known, the only reason I know about this sewage tank is because I got bored and poked around here, which they let me do, as the previous construction company did”

Erica started to ask her questions but suddenly we heard Cyrus yell from the end of the pipe.
“Erica! We hit gold! Come as fast as you can!” Cyrus hollered, not caring if someone could hear him because we were ten feet underground outside the park. As soon as we heard him, we stopped talking and sprinted toward the end as fast as we could.

Erica was quite a character. I didn’t know how to react. She bested Summer in every way except for the fact her personality was as exciting as my history textbook. But she seemed to come around. Now we were sprinting toward the end of a sewage tunnel with them, and five minutes later we met Cyrus and Alexander at what looked to be a submarine ladder.

“Are we good?” Erica asked.

“See for yourself” Cyrus waved a hand to the ladder.

First Erica followed by Ben, and being the gentleman I was, I let Summer go ahead of me. When we got there it was creepy.

It wasn’t what I thought it would be like. I was assuming that it would lead to some sort of major headquarters you’d see in the movies with huge computers, desks, and numbers with a green font. Instead we were in what looked to be a lobby of some business corporation. Soft jazz played in the corner with some couches, plants, and a sizeable desk in the middle.

I saw a piece of paper sticking out of a drawer inside the concierge’s desk so of course, I pulled open the drawer. Of course, then the alarms sounded.

“What’d you do!” Summer shrieked.

“I don’t know!” I yelled while Erica yelled “Get back in the pipe!”

There was a part in me that the contents of this drawer was important so with as much power I could I yanked the drawer, which fell surprisingly easily out of its bearings and tucked it under my arm like a football.

SPYDER agents poured through the front door, I’m assuming the nearby motor home complex I’d seen on drives down this road housed them, and their guns started firing. I ducked under the desk with the drawer in me, and in the moment, I threw a binder clip I found at the desk at the stairs behind it, putting the agents off guard for half a second, which I needed.

In a split second I stood on the desk and dived into the circular hole, hidden by a plant which had moved been moved by Summer. Honestly, if my mom hadn’t put me through diving camp when I was 8, I would’ve clocked my head, bodY, or legs on the edge of the tube. Instead I arced my back beautifully which swished me into the hole the way Lebron James would with a basketball shot. Erica caught me on the way down while Summer climbed up the ladder and shut the door tightly.

Then we sprinted down the tube because for us, there was a chance that there’d be no tomorrow.

I might do a SS#4 Prediction on Friday or maybe a review. Again, send in your random questions people! I have a couple and I might do a Q&A eventually.



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