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Crossover Fanfic Part 11!

Well, this won out (although it was EXTREMELY CLOSE, like Erica POV was three views-less-popular) so here it is, part 11! Erica POV will be released soon, although no guarantee (unless people want it). Also, I'm thinking on doing an FAQ, thing? I don't know, just I have a big enough fanbase that some one has some curious questions. Oh yeah, and I'll be putting more reviews out, even if they're less popular (like we're talking 15 views each), but it's where my passion is. Movie lines aside, here's is segment 10!

I thought we did a really good job hiding. Summer and I had gotten up to the room at 6:45 and we climbed onto the roof of ceiling tiles and started a recorder when the agents had walked in. We were as still as…whatever doesn’t move at seven in the morning and listened in on the conversation. Trying to be quiet, we’d bought our phones and were texting each other to communicate.

“So we’re going over there right?”

“Yeah. My dad was smarter than I expected”

“What?” I replied.

“That code he gave them opens every door here…except for the dolphin exhibit”

“But he said it’s the master…”

She visibly put her hand up before she continued typing. “Yeah, but considering that it’s my birthday-really stupid if you ask me- some idiot who looked it up online would get lucky, so he had a separate code installed for the dolphins”

“And then what are we going to do”   
She looked at me like I was too dumb to live. “Honestly I didn’t know how people would steal the dolphins until I remembered construction created a sewage pipe where the filtered material from the pool goes. I don’t know where it leads to, but I know it headed in the direction of this SPYDER’s building and it’s plenty big enough to hold some dolphins”

“Your dad doesn’t know about it?”

“Trying to do damage control that people threatened our lives was more important to him than looking at construction and the blueprints I guess”

The agents were leaving and by the looks of it, they had the same idea of heading to the dolphin exhibit too.

“C’mon” Summer said aloud “There’s a way we can get there faster nobody knows about”
We jumped down from the ceiling and sprinted out the door. Instead of following the walkways, we went to the building next door where we went through a door that led to a walkway covered by foliage and chicken-wired fencing. I followed her down the straight pathway where there was another door at the end. We walked through that door, through a small maze of halls to another door.
Suddenly, we appeared right in front of the key pad to the door. Where we spotted some people who’d just arrived and tried JJ’s code.

We stared at the agents. They started to form around the keypad as if us looking at it would break it.  I spoke up right when Erica was about to speak. 

“Ok so the whole park is about to open and we don’t want people trying to break into the dolphin exhibit. If you want to step away from it, Summer knows the real code and we’ll talk inside”
I was surprised by the calmness in my voice. Summer’s nodding confirmed it. Erica glanced at Ben before the cleared a path to the keypad. Summer didn’t bother covering the code, she typed in her birthday and we were in.

As soon as the door closed, Erica turned on us. “Ok, I’ll give you a minute to explain how you got here before us before you need to get out” Then, she pulled a gun on us.

I know Erica was mad when Summer and Teddy showed up, but because Summer put in the right code, one her father was lenient to give us, I thought she’d be nice to them. I didn’t expect the gun.

“Whoa why the gun?” Summer shrieked.

Erica replied coldly “The safety of us is more important than any help you could give. You have thirty seconds”

Summer thought for a second before she replied “Look, if you wanna kill us, that’s fine, I’m not going to threaten you with JJ anyways”

Erica lowered her gun. “Killing isn’t our thing you know. More like, we beat you up for stalking us before we send you back”

“ANYWAYS, I think I have an idea where this SPYDER is planning on moving the dolphins. JJ doesn’t know and probably won’t tell you anything important. If you want to beat us up now, it’s been a minute” Summer glanced at Erica.

I wasn’t really planning on helping beat up Erica and Teddy. I mean Teddy seemed like a nice enough kid who always seemed to stumble into trouble, and Summer, well how could I not have a crush on a really pretty blonde built like Erica who also was pretty intelligent, smart, and could blind you with her smile.  She was friendly and funny while most rocks had more personality than Erica.

Erica glanced at me and then she sighed. “Well, show us what you know. But you know the 
punishment for lying…”

“Yeah, Yeah whatever. So you’re looking for some sort of tube right?”

“Anything dolphins could fit through” Erica replied, Teddy staring intently at her.

“Well, it wasn’t in the blueprints, but there was a sewage pipe installed that does lead toward the direction of SPYDER’s headquarters or whatever you call it”

We cautiously followed Summer down a maze of hallways and down a set of stairs. This was more of a setup than anything else. There was most likely security guards or something down the hall where Summer led us, but Erica had one of those feeling she was safe because, well, she was following her.
Once we were down in the basement I could see this sewage pipe. There was a web of smaller pipes that were attached to the tank where the dolphins were being held that lead to a central box, which had the sewage pipe connected to it.

Teddy spoke up. “Is there a way to get into it?”

I walked over to the pipe and looked around it. Out of curiosity, I jumped, and there was a small vent above. “Found an entrance!” I yelled from the top of the metal pipe.

Everyone climbed to the top of the pipe, and Erica pried open the metal grate with a flathead screwdriver from her utility belt. Erica, Cyrus and Alexander jumped in.

“It’s a 30 minute walk. You sure you can afford it?” I asked both of them.
Summer grabbed Teddy’s hand, which obviously made him blush and she announced “Of course. We don’t have to be back by like noon and anyways I want to see where this goes”

All three of us jumped into the pipe and began on our adventure.


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    1. Although, as I was rereading some parts, there was some things I was REALLY confused about. Where did Cyrus and Alexander came from? And at the last sentence, it says the THREE of us. There are also parts that don't make sense though.

    2. Yeah, I might've been typing like wayy to quickly. Mind explaining where I messed up? If you're referring to the end, Cyrus and Alexander were in that room because they'd broken in with Erica and Ben. I said the three of us because it's ben (His POV) as well as Summer and Teddy.


    3. Near the end of Teddy's POV. It was very hard to imagine exactly what they qre doing

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  3. love it! though i didn't expect the whole Erica pointing a gun at them thing. still it was great.

  4. Pretty cool! I thought they were gonna colab though. And just a suggestion, can you put stuff like Teddy's POV, or Ben's POV when ever you switch?

    1. What do you mean Colab?

      Also, yeah, I was thinking it was starting to get confusing. I think I'll start the story stating what POV it is and just know that if there's a lot of gaps in between, it means POV is changing.


  5. Can't wait for next week, because it'll be the last time I see any posts for a few months since the school is taking back my computer for the Summer.

    1. Whoa. Whoa. What?!? So you don't have your own computer? Not even your phone?!? Or even a library near you?


  6. No No and Yes

    I'll have a library when I go on vacation, so if my dad will tolerate it long enough, then yes, I visit this site but not comment.

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