Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Crossover Fanfic Part 10!

The tenth segment of the amazing Crossover Fanfic is here! Judging by the popularity of each of the Fanfics, more will be released of the popular on on Friday. Enjoy!

As soon as Erica, Cyrus, Alexander, and Ben followed by JJ, Bubba and Marge left, I asked Summer “So what are we going to do?”

“You mean after we get into their meeting with JJ?”

“No after I turn into a billionaire”

“Haha, well y’know I could give you a ‘small’ loan of a billion dollars. Anyway, yes, it’s kind of like that situation that you had to deal with when Kazoo the Koala went missing. You had to prove that you didn’t steal him by solving the case, although here it’s a variation where we have to prove that we can solve cases so that they let us in the meat of things”

“Do you have a plan if they know we’re going to be there?”

She waved that idea off. “Are you serious? They think we’re some lame thirteen year olds that got lucky three times in a row. Also, I know five other ways to get in this room. We should be fine

“I’m assuming we should get here by 6:45?”

“7:15. It’ll take you at least half an hour to explain things to your mom”

I forgot about my mom. It would be never ending to convince her that this was “safe”. I sighed. “Ok, I gotta go to sleep and prepare how to talk to my mom. Where should we meet?”

“Meet near Hippo river. See ya”

I paused. Hippo River was far from the administration building. But it’s not like I don’t trust her.
I shrugged my shoulder as I walked back to my trailer where my mom had gone back to sleep and so did I, as soon as I landed on my bed.

We left a note on everyone’s bed to meet us at the lobby at 11 to go do some recon. I knew at least Nefarious, Warren and Zoe would buy it, but Chip would definitely go looking for the missing bodies of Ben, Erica, Cyrus and Alexander, although without the van Cyrus was using to take us to FunJungle, he really couldn’t do much. Erica had woke me up and we’d gone to FunJungle.
JJ had a security guard open the gate and we walked toward the building. On the way home, we’d talked about what we needed to be done so that we could bait Summer and Teddy to do what we needed.

“So are we sure that SPYDER wants the dolphins?”

“Yeah, but we have no idea how they get from the tank all the way to where they’re storing them. After a laser scan we saw that there was a tank under the building”

“So why don’t you laser scan FunJungle to find where they’re taking them?”

“It’s four feet of concrete. If you want to sit next to the tank for a couple of hours, by all means do it”
We were in the hallway that led to JJ’s office. We had a half-plan which only worked if Summer and Teddy listened in and then tried to follow our plan, which Erica claimed was “1000% going to happen”

When we walked into the room, it was obvious where they were. I mean, the ceiling tiles were practically falling out of their sockets. I think the kid that had tried to beat me up with a toy sword back at Spy School could’ve done a better job. I tried not to give anything way through my expression and listened to the conversation with Erica and JJ.

“So you’re sure…this SPYDER…is plotting to take our dolphins?” JJ asked.

“Yes. They have a tank and they’re ready to store and I presume hold them for ransom”

“I’m going to ask the obvious question. How do we stop this?”

“Well the most logical way is to cut off where they could possibly take the dolphins out of site, which is where you come in”

Me?” He pointed a thumb at his self.

“Yes. We need to see if there was a route built or created that would take the dolphins below ground, whether it was built by you or not”

“I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t though. I mean, if it was in the blueprints or anything, I would’ve known. Did you see the dolphin parade? There was a point to letting the media know…”

“Ok, ok. So yeah, later today, we’re going to go back and look underground near the dolphin area. There are two other things that we need though”


“We’re going to need access to your park 24/7. Keys, keypad codes, anything” JJ started to protest but Erica shushed him. “Yes, I know it’s a lot to give to strangers, but you’ll find a way to get over it if you’re dolphins got stolen. Also, we need a background check over everyone, for moles of course. Ay employees you have do a background check”

JJ thought about it for a second, before he agreed. “Alright. The password, is 102602- Summer’s Birthday. It opens pretty much every door. I think I can swing a background check by the end of the day, if you’re including past construction workers and such.” He paused “I don’t know why the heck I even trust you guys. You have some sort of contact or anything? It’ll make me feel better about giving you all my info”

Erica gave him the CIA’s business number, which honestly was no help because there was a million people calling to the CIA asking them to send agents for whatever reason. We shook hands and we left the room. Then, we sprinted toward the dolphins exhibit, knowing that we had five minutes before the park opening and we didn’t need anyone seeing us breaking in.



    luv it.

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  3. Are you going to return to the Erica POV? It's fine if you don't.
    Also, love the new update

    1. I don't know. I'll keep writing it but honestly whatever is more popular I'll go with it. With the Erica POV, I might just release it whenever I feel like it if Crossover is more popular.


  4. I like both stories but this one has been updated more, so I read it more.

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  6. I just recently joined and came upon the Erica's POV one first......

    Impulse forces me to like that one more....and I have no clue why.

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