Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tirade Tuesday #3- How do people hate to READ?!?

Let's face it, we all know that one friend, regardless of age, that hates to read. It's been such a common item they're have been books on how to avoid reading (It may be all comical, but CJJ guide to not reading is actually sort of helpful) How do people hate reading, you ask? Well..... let's see they,

Stop it Right There, I got this.

Um, ok. Who are you?

Dude you just gave my book a shout out. I'm Charlie Joe? World's biggest book-hater?

Well, ok. The stage is yours.

Ok, well Books are a waste of time. Who wants to read instead of, watch cat videos?

There are so many people that are like this. They see that a book has like 250 pages and they're like "OMG IT"S GONNA TAKE FOREVER I'll just go Instagram, Snapchat, and then see some dude jump from a mountain on Youtube" But as we all know, books go by extremely fast. They may start slow, but if you persevere, you get into a REALLY good story and then it ends up flying by.

Well I don't have the time to read a 300 page novel in three weeks. It's just too much.

Ok, well let's break it down. 300 pages is pretty scary. But you have twenty one days. If you do the math, you only have to read like fifteen pages a day. Even if you read at an INCREDIBLY SLOW pace of one page a minute, you could basically finish the book during the commercial breaks of your show.

But I have to go places, track meets, family reunions, dances, etc. 

Again, fifteen minutes sounds like a lot, but normally a car ride is longer than 7.5 minutes. If you read there and back on an otherwise boring car ride, you can get your reading done.

What if I'm allergic to books?

Haha, who's allergic to books?!?

I have a scientific genetic mutation in my DNA stream where any book makes me puke.

You're getting off topic.

Well the only books I know are huge books that make you fall over that are over the study of chloroform. Those don't sound exciting.

Are you kidding me?!? Books are kind of like the way you can live lives you would dream of but could never possibly fulfill. You can imagine dragons, unicorns, kids taking over the world, whatever you want. Sure, there are those crazy long books that are boring, but these days. fiction books are exciting. fascinating, and great to read.

Do you know book-haters? Which excuse from above have you heard over and over? Leave a comment down below. Be on the look out for some more of the Crossover Story later tonight!!!


  1. I was wondering for the crossover story doe :3.
    And yay new post!! I do know some book haters at my school. And alot of them. Makes me so mad, I wanna bug them by throwing books at them, dump books on them while they are sleeping, or fill their room and anything they own with melted chocolate and of course books.

  2. I do my best to share my love of books to the world, but I mostly get ignored, because I'm in a grade 6, 7 and 8 split class and no one listens to the grade 6 kids so yeah. Also it's ironic to see you mentioning dragons and unicorns when fantasy is your least favourite genre of books. :P

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