Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

So my friends were dying to get me to read Red Queen, but I don't know, something in me was like "it's not worth it" but because she was going to be at NTTBF and Stuart Gibbs wasn't going to be there, I guess I wanted to check her out.

Summary: So Red Queen takes place into a world where there are "Reds" and "Silvers" Red are kind of like the poorer side while Silvers are the richer and upper-class. The silvers also have special powers, such as they can heal people or control fire, or even control your mind. Right now they're at war and they force the reds to fight in it once they turn eighteen unless they have jobs. Mare's three older brothers have already been forced into conscription, which she herself doesn't want to at all, so she tries to avoid it. Mare tries to run away, which her friend Kilorn, also bound for conscription, doesn't want her too because the Silvers catch everyone. Then, she meets someone for the price of an insane amount of money, will get them away. Mare, a pro-pickpocketer, will have to steal more than she every has, but she's up for it. Then the Scarlet Guard, a terrorist group of reds out for revenge over Silvers for mistreating them, attacks, and somehow with all the Chaos she ends up at a bar. There, a silver prince, Cal, meets her and a couple days later gets her a job as a servant at the palace.At the ceremony where all these silver teens and young adult girls show their powers in hope of becoming the next princess, Mare accidentally shows that she, as a red, has the power to throw lightning. She becomes a princess, but soon things get worse. The Scarlet Guard starts attacking more, Evangline (the other princess chosen) has a bone to pick with her and soon she can't even trust the people around her. This book gets REALLY good and seriously, it's been a year, your library should have it, go pick it up!!

What I liked: Oh my gosh, well everything was just amazing. I really liked how Aveyard divided the nation because the divide between the people was pretty cool, especially as you get into the book. Adding powers to the Silvers made them almost like the slave owner of the red-slaves, and I especially appreciated the fact that she put in the Scarlet Guard. I love how it's like a rebellious group of Reds fighting for their basic human rights, and especially because it provides like a bajillion plot twists throughout the novel.

What I Didn't Like: I didn't like how long it took into the book. Most books maybe take like four or five chapters before you get into that "spot" where you can't stop reading. Or maybe ten or eleven chapters. Red Queen takes about half the book (According to me. It took my friends maybe a third but still) before you get into "the spot" (Which is really intense). But I get it though, no book has previously been written about a fantasy world, thus the extra description. But I found my self quietly whispering "Move Along" during some long parts. I could've done without some description.

Rating on 'the scale': 8.4

Why? it was an amazing book, with romance, action-packed thrilling scenes, fights, and I love those books where it's like "you can't trust anyone". But again, the really slow start. Brought it I'd say from a 9 to an 8.4

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