Sunday, April 10, 2016

North Texas Teen Book Festival: Probably one of the biggest book festivals in the South

Hello fellow readers! Do you live relatively near the DFW area and love books?!? If so, in two weeks make sure to free up your Saturday because NTTBF 16 is coming up! Probably the only thing better than seeing my favorite authors would be if I say a fan of my blog. If I did, I would literally flip (I also may or may not be carrying full copies of the FanFic so... just saying) My (tentative) panel schedule is looking like this:

8:15- Middle Grade Keynote. Last year I missed this and who knows what they talk about here. Also, I've heard a majority of the MG authors are here so if Victoria Aveyard shows up and I can get an early signature/pic, I would die.

9:00- School Days, School Dayz. Not only is it in one of the crazy ballrooms, but I've always had a taste for books about characters who are also in school (Especially a book called Spy School) Or I might just be with my friends. Who knows.

10:00- I plan on getting book speed dating at this time. If I don't get a wristband for 10 AM then i guess I'll hang with my friends wherever they go.

11 AM: this one's an interesting time. Either the podcast discussion panel or The convo with James Dashner (Why is there so many good stuff!) They both seem EXTREMELY interesting so.. IDK.

12 PM: Either the MG panel or most likely this Dystopia Dynasty panel. Who doesn't love Dystopia, but then again, MG is what I blog about so...

1 PM: THE BOOKTUBE PANEL. BookTubing is basically blogging but with your face on camera. I need to learn tricks on how to improve my content. This is the second most hype-for-skype panel probably that I want to go to next to

2 PM: Well, since we're on the subject of writing reviews... WRITING FOR WRITING PANEL = THE MOST HYPE-FOR-SKYPE PANEL EVER!!!. Yeah so BookTubing will give me a good idea, but this is all relate able. It'll also sort of help me with writing for school. So excited.

3 PM- The YA Keynote. These keynotes are great. Also the free button that comes with it. Free stuff and a great keynote? Best Way to end the festival.

Sometime throughout the day, i want to get my Red Queen series books signed. Do you plan on coming? Because I'd like to know whether or not I'll be printing any copies. Comment down below. Later this week I'll release more info about my trip. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE


  1. Herby polly!! That sounds awesome, though I never heard of it before, but I litterally live in Texas. I wish I can go ;-;

    1. Also, where is it taking place in Texas?

    2. It takes Place in Irving, TX- @ Las Colinas Convention Center