Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fanfic Tuesday #4: Somehow Ben also gets kidnapped like what?!?

Man you guys are good with getting five comments. Well, you guys earned it (try not to cringe by my really lame writing) here you go!

“What a waste of time! Why would we even go here!” Cyrus was yelling at us for spending 3 hours at Sal’s Souvenirs and Stuff imposing as customers, deliverymen and even getting Erica in as an employee. But all we found were stocking stuffers, postcards, and lots of Alamo models. It turns out, this really was a coincidence. It was a family just trying to start up a business in time for the holiday rush.

Alexander was getting the bulk of Cyrus’s rage. A lot of the things he said were of events years in the past. While Cyrus was giving Alexander and earful we started searching the San Antonio metroplex for any building recently opened. We blew up SPYDER’s gated community around 7 months ago so we plugged that information into the CIA database (our phones were at all times linked and logged in) and searched. We found…nothing. Other than Sal’s store there was an ice cream parlor, two McDonalds, a Nike store and an antique store but after putting into thought how much space you would need just to have a basic headquarters we ruled out all these places.

“C’mon guys!” Chip yelled “We need something! I’m not going back to counseling the first years. I’m living the hotel life. Is there any place big enough where you could have headquarters”

“Wait” I piped up “What if it’s not in San Antonio”

Everybody glanced at me curiously while Erica gave me one of those you’re-too-dumb-to-be-a-spy looks. But nonetheless, even she looked at me with some curiousity.

“Guys, Ben’s got a point” she said “I mean you’d need a lot of space and I don’t know if downtown’s gonna get you there. I know that’s where we were sent but if you bought the space near FunJungle…”Erica paused, before starting to type stuff in.

I, being the logic one, found the one flaw in this plan. “Uh, guys- remember JJ owns 30 miles in every direction of FunJungle. He’s not going to let anyone build anything there. Unless SPYDER took over Killer Paintball I don’t think they could’ve built anything...”

“Found it!’ Zoe shrieked. “Headquarters for Super Shoes Inc. ‘More than 50000 square feet bought from FunJungle owner JJ McCracken in exchange for 33.2 million dollars. Construction finished in less than 6 and a half months. –CNN’”

“It’s got the right size and it’s within our 7 month limit. I say it’s good” I told the group. I glanced around and saw nods of sweet relief. We were sure we’d just stumbled upon SPYDER’s headquarters
Chip banged on the separating glass our van had that you see in Taxi’s. “Cyrus! Quit your whining. We found our location! It’s around 3-5 miles due east of FunJungle”

Cyrus paused before proclaiming “Well what are we doing here! Let’s go!”

He was about to start the car when Erica piped up. “Uh Grandpa?”

“Yes cupcake?” he replied.

“Taking in account of the traffic and how far it is from where we are- about fifty miles in the other direction. By the time we get there it’s going to be 9 or 10 ‘o clock and I don’t about you guys but even I wouldn’t want to step foot near SPYDER property. I say we get back to the hotel and get some sleep and then tomorrow we do some recon”

Cyrus started to object but then Erica did some weird sign thing with her hand which probably means “Everyone else is tired let’s go back to the hotel grandpa” So Cyrus agreed to drive us back, we got dinner at Whole foods, met up in Cyrus’s room to do some research on Super Shoes before we went to our respective rooms and went to sleep. It was an exhausting day and I knew tomorrow would be even worse so I passed out.

At midnight, somebody broke into my room and kidnapped me.

I want to see if you guys can get, hmm, maybe 7 comments. Yeah, if you guys can get 7 comments I'll release more on Friday. Have a reading-full day!