Sunday, April 17, 2016

Crossover Fanfic (Sunday) #5!- I'm late. Deal With it.

So sorry I was two days late. I had to go down to San Antonio for this academic meet and forgot to post before I left. So here you go. 5 comments before Tuesday people. You got this!

Naturally, I tried to follow her with no avail. The kidnappers had picked the perfect time: It was crazy busy and you couldn’t move a foot without bumping into someone. Everywhere there were tourists in packs just like the one that took Summer. So, with no other options, I called up JJ.

“WHAT! WHERE ARE THOSE PUNKS WHO STOLE MY DAUGHTER” JJ was lit up when I returned to his office to tell him the horrid news. After a minute long rant he came to his senses and devised a plan. Or to be more literal, yelled into his walkie talkie.


“But sir what if the people throw things at the anim…” I heard Bubba Stackhouse reply.

“I DON’T CARE” JJ yelled “I NEED TO FIND MY DAUGHTER” He turned off his walkie talkie. 

“C’mon Teddy we’re going to look around the park”

“Uh, JJ. With all due respect sir, seeing that at any given moment you could fire my parents, isn’t the park quote-unquote ‘the biggest theme park in Texas’. Won’t that cause any troubles?”

He laughed. “I’ve got segways, golf carts, even drones with cameras. You can spot her miles away. Let’s go”

It took about ten seconds to find Summer. It was all a blur. We hopped in JJ’s personal golf cart and drove toward the dolphins where I spotted Summer, disheveled, being led to the keypad lock to the dolphins.

I tensed up. A man was holding a gun to her head and looked like was forcing Summer to give him access to the dolphins. At school, Summer had told me that her dad had given her the new master code for all the exhibits seeing that as long as she didn’t tell anyone (which worked out so great last time) we’d be fine. It wasn’t the same when she was being held at gunpoint. We pulled up. JJ, being the smart one, figured screaming would save his daughter.


Without moving the man waved JJ over. I lagged behind him.

He stopped us ten feet away from him. “Look man, I’m going to figure out this code or the girl is going to type it in. What is it going to be?”

JJ started to argue before Summer herself piped up. “Daddy, I’m scared. Can you tell him the code? Please?” She almost started crying and I had to fight off every instinct to not run over there.

JJ paused for a minute and then sighed. “I tell you this code and then you better scram. It’s 786637. Now let her go”

Summer was shoved before the guy took off. “Code Red! Man in black attire. He’s got an eye patch! Get him!” JJ yelled over his walkie talkie.

Normally, JJ was a very cautious man. He was short and wasn’t exactly muscular but it didn’t stop him from trying to tackle the somewhat agile man. He looked about 17 or 18 and I thought JJ might actually be able to stand him up because he left Summer with me and charged at the man.

 Have you ever seen in a movie where some dude gets hit backward, his head jerks back, and he flies three feet before sliding into a wall? Thanks to the fact that last night’s light drizzle had frozen over (it was in patches so that all the tourists weren’t slipping and breaking their neck) JJ got clocked by the guy, flew up a foot in the air and slid all the way to the edge of the glass tank where the dolphins were being held.

“Are you ok?” I asked Summer, while we watching paramedics attend to JJ and security guards holding off the hoards of people wanting to get to Summer and her dad.

She sighed. “I could’ve been worse”

“Did you get a good look at that guy?”

“What, do you think that through me basically being held hostage that I’d remember what he looked like? Beside he had a ski mask on”

We were practically inches from each other, in part because the coldness had caused me to instinctively hug her to keep warm (which I was glad she didn’t decline) but mostly because, well, she was safe. I was about to lean in for a kiss when Large Marge had to ruin everything.

“Teddy!” She was running up to me which totally killed the moment. I pried myself from the hug to talk to her.

What Marge?” I replied.

I assumed she would think I was the person who tried to kidnap Summer, which she did and after a minute of her rambling JJ finally cut her off.

“Marjorie, look I’m pretty sure Teddy was not the kidnapper, he was with me the whole time”

“But what if he hired…?”

“Nonsense” JJ interrupted. “People know Summer is worth a hundred times more than the money I’ll ever make. If they’d gotten away with her, they would’ve been rich”

“Uh…guys?” Everyone stopped as I spoke up. “I’m pretty sure they weren’t after Summer. They were just using her as bait”

After the realization of what really had just happened, JJ figured it out. “You mean…”

“Yes sir. Somebody is after your dolphins”


  1. Hmm, eyepatch? (Even the tiny detail can lead to new superstitions) I have some sort of feeling that its Joshua Hallal, or Halla? Screw spelling!! :D Anyways, another great chapter!

  2. What if someone is framing Joshua?


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