Friday, April 22, 2016

Crossover FanFic Friday #6: Ben got kidnapped remember?

The next installment of FanFic friday is here! Again, I've raised the early-Tuesday-access comment level to seven! Let's beat it!

To some people, being held by an attacker in the middle of the night would be a huge scare. They’d flip out, grab whatever object they could find and swing it at the invader to get them out. But I’d already been through that…twice so I knew that either I was better off keeping calm or it was Erica. Thank the lords it was the latter of which. Her lilac and gunpowder scent, now faded, still told my brain it was the one spy you could ever trust in the world. As always she did her whole “keep calm and I won’t hurt you” spiel before she un-scissored he legs and let me free.

“What are we doing?” I whispered, as to not wake my fellow roommates.

“What do you think we’re doing?” she hissed. “I am not waiting all night only for these morons to screw tomorrow up. C’mon we’re leaving”

Who knows why she considered me not a moron considering she was calling Chip- a guy who could destroy professional spies in a one on one fight- a moron but I wasn’t complaining. We snuck over to where the elevators were only to find Cyrus waiting.

He sighed. “I know you too well. C’mon, Alexander’s waiting for us in the van downstairs”

Erica tried not to look disappointed but it was clearly showing. I mean Cyrus is a 50 year veteran and Alexander may not have more skills than a wet tissue but his flirting skills are enough to get any woman out of our way. I’d never seen her sad to have such powerful back up like this. Who knows why she was in a bad mood but all I know is that Erica is like a bull: you make them irritated and then they go crazy.

After a somewhat long and silent thirty minute drive we arrived at what looked to be the headquarters for Super Shoes Inc. We drove about a quarter of a mile past it before parking our van, grabbing our backpacks, and disappearing into the night with our black attire.

“Yep, looks like this is it” Cyrus whispered. We paused and marveled at the sight before us.

We’d just landed after hopping over the 20 foot tall electrified gate, covering ourselves in some material that not only helped us with gripping onto the slippery metal bars but also insulated any shocks from our bodies. I was expecting maybe a small lawn with a walkway to the main building of SPYDER’s headquarters, seeing as on short notice they probably didn’t have any time to make something large.

Instead, I was shocked to basically see a nicer, cleaner, homeless-people-free version of the beautiful Central Park from New York. Lush trees lined smooth paved sidewalks that walked through meadows and meadows of green grass and flowers, with some park benches just for fun. We paused for a split second to marvel at the glorious sight.

“Are you sure this is SPYDER?” Alexander asked. Even he was smart to know: Why in the world would you shell out so much money to create this beauty? I glanced at Erica who returned my glance. They were hiding something. We would have to find out later.

The building was not as grand as I’d expect it to be: just your average ten or so floor company headquarters. A project this size would take a couple of years but SPYDER, who conveniently owned a construction company that ended up getting paid billions by the government to fix the bridges they’d blown up, had gotten it up fast. We walked to the front doors where we surveyed the entrance.
Cyrus was working at the double layer mechanical key-hole lock, Erica and I on lookout for any unwanted attention whilst Alexander was trying to figure out the keypad. And Alexander did the worst possible job at it as any human could’ve.  

I glanced over at him typing away at the keypad, like your friend does to get your pass code to your Iphone. Also, like an Iphone, once you try to type in the code to many times, your phone is disabled. Well at SPYDER, they didn’t simply “lock you out”, they set off the loudest alarm you will ever hear.

It happened a second after Cyrus quietly proclaimed “We’re in” when it went off. I jumped as soon as I heard the loud noise. It was hard to describe- it was a police siren, mixed in with a fire alarm with the sound multiplied by 1000. However, it was very brief, just a quick WAH!  before all was quiet. Three seconds later, four SPYDER agents busted through the main doors.

Tell me what you think down below in the comments, see you next week!


  1. Yaaas, although you cant call it kidnapping, more like a midnight surprise attack. If Ben was kidnapped then he would be in a different room.

    1. it was just to get us hyped, and it was what ben thought was happening

  2. please post the next chapter. and dont end it on a cliffhanger

    1. Zoe-

      I like to keep my readers coming back for more. Like I said, if you spread the word and get ppl to comment, I'd release more. Also installment #7 is out.


    2. Zoe-

      I like to keep my readers coming back for more. Like I said, if you spread the word and get ppl to comment, I'd release more. Also installment #7 is out.


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