Friday, April 29, 2016

Crossover Fanfic #7

Here's the seventh installment of, you guessed it, the beloved Fanfic. Let's get 7 comments guys! We can do it!

That day had been stressful. After I suggested that someone was after JJ’s dolphins, JJ flipped out. His office looked like a bomb had went off in it and he ended up closing the park early to “investigate”, which basically meant putting police caution tape over any of the areas Summer’s kidnapper had gone.  Seeing as I was in the middle of all of this, my mom had taken the day off to ensure I was safe and to help keep JJ from having a heart attack.

We were both exhausted and it didn’t help that at one in the morning, I heard the loudest alarm I’d ever heard. I was sure my hearing was destroyed right then and there. My eyes sprung open and after I’d determined that it wasn’t a wild animal from the woods our trailer was three feet next to, I snuck out of bed before my mom stopped me.

It was common knowledge my mom had better hearing than most humans, if not other animals. Back in Africa, my mom had spent years with the Gorillas, which meant if any other vicious predator came, she had to know it was coming. The problem is that the human eye can only hear so far and in one direction, so she had to pick up super-human hearing. Honestly, the way our trailer was built I could tell if my mom got up.

“What are you doing Teddy?” She rubbed her eyes before she sighed.

“I heard something out side. I guess I was going to go see what it was I guess”

Under normal circumstances, my mom would’ve sent me back to bed, but in light of the new dolphins and because she was wiped out from earlier in the day she told me “Alright, be quick. Try not to hurt yourself”. She groggily trudged back to her bed.

I snuck outside and it took me two seconds to find Summer. Even though she was wearing all black, somehow she managed to stick out in the dark night over the nearly black forest floor.

“What’s Up?” I whispered.

“So you know how you said somebody was after the dolphins?” she whispered back. We walked through the back employee entrance and across the park toward the main entrance.

“Yeah” I whispered back.

“Well, we just had a break in at the dolphin tank”

“WHAT?!?” I yelled. She cupped her hand around my lips really quick, but we were far enough from all the other scientists in the RV park it didn’t really matter.

“SSSHHH” she quieted me. We were now walking into a car of some sorts, which my parents had told me not to do, but I assumed it was JJ’s car.

“Are we going in your…”

“Yeah, it’s my dad’s car. We’ve located where the people who broke in are at now. Daddy wants to see if we can catch them” I climbed in, slid over, then Summer got in and closed the door before JJ sped off.

“So where are we going JJ?”

“So you know that new corporation that opened up, Super Shoes? Well…we didn’t do as good of a job with the background check because one of their employees snuck onto the park and broke in to the where we’re holding the dolphins before we could change the pass word.”

I glanced at summer with an “I told you so look” before I went back to the conversation.

“I’m assuming we’re traveling there?”

“Yes we are. But not alone though. Security is on its way. We’re going at night so the press doesn’t get their hands on this story. We’re trying to keep this as low as possible”

I knew that “security” meant Bubba Stackhouse and Large Marge, but I had a gut feeling that the guys we were dealing with weren’t your average point-a-gun-at-you criminal. But I wasn’t the one to try to stop JJ McCracken. When he committed to a cause, he committed. These were the guys that had tried to take his daughter. He was going to let no one stop him from getting to these guys.

We arrived there as the security car pulled up and was scaling the fence, with a right they’d thrown over to protect us from the electrified fence. It took us a minute, but eventually we made it over. JJ, Summer and I agreed to quietly try to sneak into the somewhat grand building and surrounding park. We were tiptoeing toward the complex, but instead, Marge and Bubba went for the wave-your-guns-and-yell-like-a-5-year-old strategy.

“WHEREVER YOU ARE, SHOW YOURSELVES!” Marge yelled as she was flying her gun around the air. Apparently, someone else was already there because a girl that looked to be Summers age, popped out of nowhere in a complete ski mask, along with a boy, which looked about my size. We retreated with our hands up as they disabled Marge and Bubba of their weapons and pinned them on the ground. Finally, the girl pulled the ski mask over her head, and I hate to admit that my heart skipped a dozen beats when I saw her.

“You must be JJ McCracken” she said, pulling Marge’s, who was struggling, arm tighter.


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