Friday, April 8, 2016

Crossover Fanfic #3 ; Summer gets *gasp* kidnapped?!?

Hellow fellow reader. How has your Friday gone? Mine's been swell. Anyways, here's Teddy's side after Ben and his gang think SPYDER is located in town. 

“You really think SPYDER’s there?”

“It’s a long shot but what else do we have. We got to at least try it” She stopped by her shared room with Zoe, picked up her laptop and sprinted down the stairs. I picked up the local paper down at the lobby which was complimentary to guests and figured I could make the jammed interstate feel faster by skimming through the news. I hopped on the van and we headed out into the city.
------------------------------------------New stuff---------------------------------------------------------
Crowds of people at FunJungle weren’t a thing that never happened. Opening day, Henry’s death and funeral, Kazoo’s kidnapping and the recent elephant stampedes had all attracted enough people that FunJungle had to stop letting people in (but they’d still take their money for entrance tomorrow) to make sure no kid got trampled during the last elephant stampede. But today was in a league of its own. Hoards of kids flying from all over the country along with their parents, families on vacation, crowded the gates at 9:55 AM. I was watching from JJ’s office, on one of his many security cameras with none other than JJ and his daughter with my mom and four cups of hot cocoa.

“JJ, you can’t just let them in” My mom was pleading to him. “Kids are going to be hurt, people are going to be mad about the lines, it’s going to be chaos. And don’t even get me started on the animals…”

“Charlene, relax. We’ve bulked up on security. Everyone’s just here for the dolphins. We’re going to make it through today.” JJ assured her.

He wasn’t completely lying. The “extra security” was really just getting his staff out of his office and onto the walkways. But the dolphins were real and amazing. We’d already had a couple which you could pay a small fortune to ride on but we’d just picked four trained dolphins up from SeaWorld- who was starting to focus on their new and improved Shamu show. JJ plopped down 5 million and got four dolphins of their most experienced dolphins to boot. He was going to go on a radio talk show, his commercial on a hundred different TV stations, and he was going to make a webcam appearance on CNN all to promote the FunJungle Christmas Extravaganza!- a way to get people to book for the holidays.

I walked up to Summer. “How’s the dolphin show?”

“Oh, it’s really awesome. Daddy got the trainer to get the dolphins to do some really amazing things. You have to see it” she replied.

It sucked that with every perk we were given- we weren’t allowed to come to the VIP showing of the dolphin show because JJ was afraid someone was going to record it and leak it into the public (which is why anyone who paid 100 grand couldn’t bring any camera or phones into the building. JJ also installed a retractable dome around the tank- to not only keep the elements away but the “vultures” (news helicopters) keeping the water clean and the show a secret.

Suddenly, the ground started to shake. We walked back to the window to find hoards of people either running to see the dolphins swim or go to Rhonda, who was even more popular now without her horn. As always, my mom was right. Within ten seconds a merchandise cart had been run over, two children faceplated into the cold asphalt and somehow a guy who’d snuck in popcorn against park rules had been body checked and his salty snack was now scattered on the ground.

“JJ! This is why…oh the gorillas” my mom yelled before she sprinted out of the building headed to Monkey Mountain.

“Hey Summer?” I asked.

“Yeah Teddy?”  “So you dad doesn’t have any extra security right?” 

“Yeah…” She looked at me curiously “Why do you ask?”

 I sighed. “I just get the idea something is going down today. We’re a week from Christmas and with these crowds and no one to get them in lines…well, this is just the equation for someone to either hurt the animals or the people It’s happened before” As if to confirm my thoughts, I gestured to the camera by  the dolphins, where a fight was breaking out. What little security we had was rushing to break it up.

Summer waved it off. “Relax, Teddy. Look, my dad already knows what the people can do. But think about it: the people who’ve committed crimes against us were amateurs. Even Hondo, I mean what crook is stupid enough to let elephants in his way when he has a gun? Today’s going to be just fine”

I wish I couldn’t just let the idea of me getting in the middle of trouble happen again today but Summer did that whole bit where she batted her eyes and tilted her head while she talked that I melted inside.

I blushed and had a silly grin on my face. “Alright.” I raised my hands in defeat. “I surrender”

She slugged my arm. “Hey this is the biggest theme park in Texas. Things are always more exciting than they were back at my old boarding school. C’mon, my dad says it’s fine that we go backstage. I’ll show you the cool stuff” She grinned before racing off. Who knows how but somehow, even though I had experience running from huge raging water buffalo (as well as their mother Large Marge) Summer had gotten some wheels and was sprinting into the swarms of tourists. I was catching up, only fifty feet from her, when she got pulled into a large crowd and was carried off.

(Author's note: By reading this and the next portions of the story, I realize how cheesy it is. Don't be a hater, I'm only 13!) Do you like it? Well, you better because if not, why are you reading this?!? Anyways, if you want to see more, I've decided to make the comment counter rule thing a thing. 5 comments= Ben's side on Tuesday. 10 comments= Ben's and Teddy's. Last time we got 6 so I KNOW you guys can reach for 10. tell your family. Friends. It's worth it, trust me there's some really good stuff that you'll want to know ASAP. 


  1. Yesss, two stories in one week Im just DYING for Teddy and Ben to meet

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  3. Sounds Interesting. CONTUINE THE FANFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think summer go kidnapped. It was very cheesy.


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