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 Merry Christmas to all! Sure it's still two days before but who says we can't celebrate early. As a surprise I'm in the process of writing a Spy School-FunJungle crossover snazzapalooza fanfic! Here is a little preview which I know you'll enjoy....

“Are you sure this is December?” Warren yelled from the back.
Chip went and wacked him on the head with a newspaper as if he were an annoying fly buzzing around you. “It’s Texas you moron, it isn’t like DC! Instead of snow and hot chocolate they have sandy beaches and lemonade year round”
You couldn’t blame Warren though; we flew over sunny lands grassy patches when just a couple hours ago we were fighting through a biting wind and treading through a snow just to board the plane.
 We were trying our best to get along because after the whole stop-SPYDER-from-blowing-up-New-York fiasco the academy figured we were ready for some field work (who knows what they were thinking with Warren). The agency had gotten wind that SPYDER had set up shop down in the countryside of San Antonio Texas seeing as, well, one of their stolen missiles had blown up their headquarters in New Jersey. Then, seeing as they aren’t bright, instead of finding the best most savvy, intelligent, and athletic agents they had, the agency decided it was a good idea to bring a bunch of kids as well as Alexander and Cyrus Hale, more or less to make sure we didn’t kill ourselves. The next thing you know, Erica, Chip, Zoe, Warren, and Nefarious Jones himself (as well as myself) were boarding a private jet and being flown to the middle-of-nowhere Texas. It’s a funny story how Nefarious even got into Spy School. He was a member of SPYDER’s school of being evil (as well as star gymnast Ashley Starks who to this day in prison still complains she “stuck the landing) but after everything got blown up the academy thought that if we created a video game that basically taught him how to hack then he’d be of good use. Except that he refused to do anything without bags of Cheetos and it took him one hundred and fifty two of the orange-dusted snack before he finally tried to play the game we’d made up- and failed completely. Somehow he found a spot on the plane when 6th year students who could crack into a safe while engaging in gunfire with the enemy were left behind to study Arabic. I had wanted to spend five hours sitting next to Erica Hale, chatting up a storm maybe even popping a question if she wanted to tour FunJungle- the theme park/ zoo crossover and watch the dolphin show with me. I’d heard that JJ McCracken (the owner of FunJungle) had recently bought all of neighboring Sea World’s trained dolphins and were getting the shipment just today so they could put on a “Christmas Extravaganza!” (And so people could pay ten bucks per head to watch it) and we’d gotten fifty bucks each for “emergency purposes”, but honestly what were the chances anything bad could happen. As soon as we stepped on the plane we got into problems which caused me to be beside Zoe telling me about all that’s happened while I was gone whilst I was staring out the window and glancing at Erica, alone, her nose in a textbook. I was in front of Warren but behind Chip with everyone else already on board. I made a move to Erica, Zoe pulled me into her seat and started asking me what it was like to be a mole in one of the world’s biggest evil organizations just two years into my mundane Spy School life. Warren was practically begging to sit next to Zoe, who wouldn’t budge, until Chip said he’d wipe all of us unconscious unless we’d shut up. So in the end Zoe would shift next to Warren every other hour but I really didn’t care. I was happy to just get out of all the craziness that had happened back in DC. Sure it’s a rush but having your life threatened every couple of months just wasn’t my thing. I just wanted to kick back, help Erica and Cyrus bust SPYDER and have a fun time at FunJungle with maybe Erica. Then again, trouble always followed me- a streak I was hoping to break.

“What…is…this?” I’d seen a lot of crazy things recently- animals being murdered, kidnapped, encounters with said murderers and kidnappers and yet somehow this was the weirdest thing that had happened recently. A building being built within five miles of FunJungle. Sure it wasn’t illegal, but everyone knew this was JJ land thirty miles in every direction. You’ve probably heard of the zoo I live in- FunJungle- JJ’s pride and joy, when of course his animals weren’t being killed or stolen. JJ McCracken figured that, to make sure nobody tried to build a hotel anywhere near here that wasn’t his, he was going to buy up all the land until it basically turned into San Antonio. He bought up nearly 200 miles worth of land and proclaimed that nobody would ever build anything ear FunJungle and yet- here was a building going up.
“Relax, Teddy- my father’s in on it. They paid him a lot of money- we’re talking 8, 9 figures for an otherwise useless patch of land” Summer walked up and grabbed my hand. Summer- JJ’s daughter and was so pretty it made my eyes hurt- had for some reason, over the other million guys who looked like movie stars and clamored for her- had chosen to go out with me. Well-,we weren’t really dating but around here- treating a girl to McDonalds when she could be flying you to Paris and buying you whatever you wanted was good enough to call a date. We hadn’t really kissed since the one day I basically saved her from getting eaten by crocodiles (it’s…complicated) but we always hold hands when we go to the mall and her hugs are awesome.
 “Tens of millions for a piece of land I could have afforded? Sounds suspicious huh?”
“Well, it’s some shoe store who’d lost their other space and now they’re scrambling. They figured if they put up a big sign on this road it’d be good advertisement so they basically emptied their net worth to daddy. He said and I quote ‘I would’ve done it for a hundred times less. You got a deal’”
“Are you sure? Last time you said things would be fine we almost got killed” I was referring to the incident with Hondo, her former bodyguard, where he’d try to take Rhonda rhino’s horn and sell it n the Black Market for a lot of cash.
She slugged my arm, half playfully, half annoyed I’d brought that up. “Relax Teddy. We did a background check on these guys and their tracks are cleared. No cover up or anything. They’re all legit”

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Hmm...curious huh? Wanna know what happens? Do Teddy and Summer kiss again? What about Ben and Erica? Well I have some stretch goals which determine thie full edition's release date.

We get 50 views by Christmas- This would be amazing. It would surpass any Stuart Gibbs review I've done in a timespan of 24 hours. We reach this then it's going up. 

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Tell me down below if you like the idea of going from Ben's POV back to Teddy's. Happy Holidays!   


  1. Great Preview. I feel like you do the role of Teddy better than the role of Ben

  2. How many views does it have yet? I'm loving the preview!

  3. It has 41 Views! We are so close!!! Tell all your friends!


  5. You shouldn't make a deadline, you should get the first chapter out before everybody gets bored.