Thursday, December 17, 2015

Guest Review! Here is Aiden on Keeper of the Lost cities!

Justin's Note: So I've never really been into fantasy books and I was lacking reviews. So to my book club (which you can still join!) I sent out a post which stated I needed some help with reviews. Aiden here, sent me his thoughts on Keeper of the Lost Cities- a book I may never pick up but after reading this I hope you do!

Aiden: Hello everyone, my name is Aiden. Justin needed some help writing reviews so here is mine.I have been reading for a while and have read almost as many books as Justin. Out of all of those books one book( other than some Stuart Gibbs books) stood out the most. That book is Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger.

Summary: Sophie has never been normal, she is in college at twelve but that's not all. She can read minds! When she finds a boy named Flitz who can also read minds. Flitz told her that she is not human. What can she be an alien, an animal, a mutant plant. She is a …. Elf. Of course she doesn't believe him so she runs away from him. After a little while, he almost gets hit by a car, the car hits a lamppost and the lamppost falls on her but somehow she holds it up with her mind. She then believes Flitz and visits the elf world. In the elf world Flitzs dad says that they have been looking for her and that she will have to leave her “family” forever and move to the elf world. She also tries out for a new school. In the tryout she finds out that she is the strongest telepathy in the elf world and one of the only people with more than one ability. She makes the school and at the school she meets some new friends like Flitz and Dez. After a while she starts getting letters from a secret organization called Neverseen.

Rating: 9.8 out of ten

Why? It has something for everyone: Romance, dinosaurs, magic, Atlantis, action, abilities, school, giant houses, and moving. If you have no idea what to get at the library, this book will have something you like in a good book.

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