Thursday, December 24, 2015

Another Guest Review! Here's Joseph Yu on Eye of Minds (Mortality Doctrine Trilogy, Book 1)

Justin's Note: Man these guest reviews are getting really good. I'm also planning on getting out some reviews of my own by the way. Anyways, this is a review from probably the first fan I had out of the US. Joseph Yu, who lives in Canada, is I think one of the first people out of the country to check out my blog. Anyways he seems to have written an awesome review, which after reading, I hope you go to a library near you and pick up a copy of Eye of Minds.


Book: Eye of Minds (Mortality Doctrine Trilogy, Book 1)
Author: James Dashner
Review By: Joseph Yu, Gr. 6

Ever since Michael was allowed to sink into the VirtNet(a virtual world used mainly for gaming), his goal had been to conquer Lifeblood(the most famous game in the VirtNet) and become popular like the famous gamer, Gunner Skale.  But after witnessing a girl kill herself within the VirtNet after saying that she was trapped inside the VirtNet by a hacker named Kaine, Michael’s life changed forever.  Stories of people ending up dead after entering the VirtNet have increased rapidly, and VirtNet Security needs help to stop the hacker Kaine, who is somehow behind all this.  The Mortality Doctrine, a program built by Kaine, must be stopped.  Michael and his friends, Bryson and Sarah, being naturally skilled hackers, were asked by VirtNet Security to hunt down Kaine and destroy the Mortality Doctrine program.  But as they get closer to Kaine, Michael and his friends begin questioning his identity.  Who is Kaine really?  This book keeps you thrilled from the beginning till the end.

What I liked:
The story had lots of thrill, and had left my heart pounding after I finished it.  The plot is well made and original.  Lot’s of detail was put into the story and the author made it very realistic.  I also liked how the author was very specific with how the main character felt.

What I disliked:
Being in Gr. 6, I thought the story was quite dark.  There was barely any humor.  It scared me at a lot of parts, and I would be sweating and my heart would be thumping.  But overall, I really liked it.  I’m pretty sensitive to scary stuff, so this might be a easier to read for other people.

Rating: 8.6/10


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