Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oh yeah. I have a blog? *UPDATE*

Let's cut to the chase. So you guys realize two things:

1: Tirade/Top Ten Tuesday never showed up but whatever that's fine.


Ok so basically for the past week I ignored my blog because I was hunkering down on my studies. Why you ask? Well first of all- good grades equal a happy me. Second of all- Stuart Gibbs is coming to town. Nope not Santa Claus (well you could make an argument that they're the same but anyway) but Stuart Gibbs: The Man. The Myth. The Legend. On Tuesday (yep that Tuesday. The day Big Game comes out) he'll be making an appearance at a Dallas Barnes & Noble: A reading and a signing. Before I spend the rest of the post explaining how this is so much more important to me than this blog: *ADVERTISMENT ALERT* If you or a loved on love Stuart Gibbs (so...everyone) then come to the Barnes and Noble at The Stonebriar center in Dallas- 2601 Preston Road Suite 2601 Dallas, Tx*ADVERTISEMENT OVER* It'd be really cool if there was one person who shows up and is like "OMG ITS JUSTIN IM SUCH A FAN OF YOUR BLOG" (There may be some *Ahem* signed bookmarks for knowing my blog) Anyways, the reason how my studies correlates to a Stuart Gibbs visit is that I bet my dad I'll get really high grades (97+) if he takes off from work and drives me to Dallas. Why do I have to promise something really high? Because the B&N location is about an hour and a half away and it's a school night. By the time I get home, it'll be pretty late. But it's all worth it to see The Man. The Myth. The Legend- Stuart Gibbs. So anyways, that explains the absence of my posts.

What about FanFic Friday? That's on a Friday. You're out of school.

I know I know. Remember how I talked about the exclusive email club which people can still join by emailing me? Well they got the portion you were supposed to get 6 days early. And they gave me some good constructive criticism. I finally got a chance to revise the section this afternoon, so expect a late-night release.

Have a swawesome day!

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