Sunday, October 11, 2015

FANFIC FRIDAY (on a Saturday!) #3: The Erica POV Saga continues yet again!

So you know how I said I was going to make revisions and stuff. Well I didn't finish and I felt like with the revisions I had it wasn't my best so I decided to just make the final revisions an exclusive to the email club only and you guys get the original stuff.

Academy Training Grounds
February 8
1400 hours

I was on my own in the paintball war. Hiding behind the mill, I cocked my paintball gun and got into ready position. . I could’ve gotten the flag and ended the whole paintball war at any time I wanted to, but I figured I could let Ben show off his skills to Zoe- which was starting to get obvious he was growing to like her. They were moving away from the hideout hole, so I had to adjust my position by moving around the mill to get out of their line. They climbed to the top of a hill and I watched as Ben set his gun in the crook of a tree. After a minute or so he glanced behind him. Even through the snow, I could tell it was Chip and his moron friend Hauser running toward the gardening shack. I started to shrug it off as two idiots getting out of a fake war but something about Ben’s reaction to them made me think something was going on. I decided to end the war now. I backed up just a few feet and then charged at the mill as if I were from the shadows. I climbed up and knocked them all out easily. I grabbed the flag and acted like it was a piece of junk. That was all Ben needed as he scurried down the hill in pursuit of Chip. While I was being mobbed by all the newbies, I was getting ready to activate our operation

Considering where Ben was heading and the most likely direction Chip would go in the not so secret underground passages I headed for the main hall of the Hale building. And as always, they both emerged from a doorway wrestling with each other. I was about to step in when the principal came in and yelled at them for a second before getting distracted by a squirrel outside. I took the opportunity to plant the bug I’d been holding onto Ben. At first I wanted to act aggressive but I figured the kid needed some good rep so I pretended to actually care for him. I walked up to him, knelt down and cradled his face. “Are you okay?” I quietly whispered as I jammed the small bug into his right ear. “I’ve been better. There’s a bomb under the school” That shocked me for a second. Most likely, it wasn’t a bomb but I told him I’d be on it. After the crowds dissipated and the principal led Ben and Chip to his office I went through the same door they’d come out from disappearing into the subbasement.

Subbasement 1
Febuary 8
1525 hours

I’d been listening in on the extremely boring lecture the principal was giving Chip and Ben, about having high standards and how they shouldn’t be expected to graduate with such bad behavior while taking information from the bomb and dismantling it. Ben basically implied that there was a huge bomb still there, but when I got there, all I saw was some remnants of C4 and the residue of the C4 putty. I was just dying to figure out who the mole was and how his timing was perfect but nevertheless; I got some fingerprints and put everything in an evidence bag. I figured it was time to talk to Ben. “Hello Ben” I said, clear as day. I figured he would do what any normal person would do and turn around to see who was talking to them so I ordered him not to turn around. “Don’t do anything” I said “And don’t respond to me. I’m not in the room. You’re the only one that can hear me” I told him I’d bugged him (and I could tell he was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t starting to be a caring friend) and I carried on with my plans. “Now, I need you to do two things: First, I need you to pay attention to the principal. Not what he says”. What he does. Try to remember everything. Second, I need you to insult him” I could practically feel that he’d just thought I was a maniac, so I tried to make him feel confident enough to do it. “You have to trust me. Everything’s going to work out fine” Not five seconds later he turned into an arrogant version of Ben. “You’re old. Was I being too subtle to you” he said. “Perfect!” I crowed “Keep it up!” After another minute, the principal finally decided to punish him. “Make him do it now” I instructed him. I’d heard the principal ask “right now?” somewhat hesitant because most students never even get close to thinking about insulting the principal. “Right now” I instructed Ben, in which he followed. I turned back to the information I’d gathered in this weird bomb hunt trying to figure out who did this, and why in the first place? I guess I forgot to tell Ben to stop because he fired off another insult. “When I look at you, I see the other end of the bull” “Whoa there, tiger” I said, hoping I wasn’t too late to stop him “You can take it easy now. Job’s done” The way the conversation was going, I just shut off the earpiece before I went deaf and raced upstairs mapping out my next plan.

Did you like everything except for the fact there wasn't really any character to it because of lack of detail? I'm sure you still liked it anyway. Be sure to tell all your fans. It's only been two weeks and we're halfway to 6k already! Spread the word and have a swawesome day!

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