Monday, October 12, 2015

Big game: Move over Evil Spy School- The best book of 2015 has just hit stores!

WOO! BIG GAME IS FINALLY OUT! So hyped right now! Yep- apparently the book is already out but whatever- for those who can't afford an extra 24 cents on the exclusive edition, I decided to wait until the official release date to get out the review of an amazing book.

Summary: *BANG* On a routine walk for the elephants for them to get some exercise- Teddy (who's been allowed to walk with the elephants in the morning because of his ability to solve the FunJungle's mysteries) his dad and Athmani ( a new employee who's job is to basically help save the rhinos) hear gunshots. And of course, someone was trying to kill Rhonda- one of the last white rhinos killed off for their extremely expensive horns that sell for hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. J.J. McCracken (park owner) instead of deterring Teddy from the case decides to hire him to pave the way for the investigation- before something seriously bad happens. And of course, Summer- J.J.'s daughter who Teddy has a serious crush on- wants to help. But as all investigations go- you don't exactly find the culprit in half a day and then throw a big party. Along the way they get help from friends (including Violet Grace- the head cheerleader who has a crush on Teddy) who instead of answering their questions give them ten more and almost get themselves killed. Oh and through all this they have to avoid "Large Marge" a security guard who's name comes from her size who thinks that every crime is committed by Teddy. So who tried to kill Rhonda? What happens between Teddy and Summer? These may sound like cliched questions but trust me- when you read the book, you'll be dying to know the answers.

What I liked: As for all Stuart Gibbs books: everything. No seriously. That answer may be because of the bias I have toward him (I mean the subtitle to this blog says "A tribute to Stuart Gibbs") but at the end of the day, this book in general is well written. Action scenes are stuck in deep in the heart of every tense moments between characters. Stuart manages to expertly interlace some humorous moments to keep some scenes from going from tense and awkward to fun and light. Not to mention the cliffhangers such as a romantic scene just to make you flip the page and keep reading. Without going on and on about what I liked on "Page 137" or Page "246" my summary of this book and all his books in general are basically the same: Everything is Awesome (cue soundtrack!)

What I didn't like: Now even though I liked everything- I will say there is one fault I sadly need to point out. Ugh-this is kind of hard to explain without spoiling the whole plot of the book but his books are too predictable (Warning: I'm going to be really vague to keep the integrity of the book. This is going to make your brain hurt) In all of his books in all his series (except for The last Musketeer series which we'll call an exception because it's totally different from his main books. Good series by the way) each time you can almost tell who's committing the crime. There are...things throughout the books that lead you to the end conclusion on who did what. That's as well as I can explain it without spoiling the book. If you want a better explanation- you can email me if you want.

Final Thoughts: A book that spans across basically every genre of fiction novel there is while managing to put whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Rating on 'the scale': 9.6 out of ten

Why? Um- because it's the greatest book until Spy School #4 comes out (sorry Spaced Out- your time will come). Any book above a 9.5 is basically a hall of fame book in my opinion. I'm literally speechless right now.

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  1. Matt-

    I'm starting to try to take an unbiased review. I mean yeah- it was a basically perfect book but there were a lot of VERY minor flaws that added up. Also I deleted your comment because even though it says *SPOILER ALERT* I mean you still spoiled something. Anyways, you're entitled to your own opinions which is totally fine. Just what I think on an amazing book.


  2. You really should read this review of mSPy, cos someone may be already spying on you