Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tirade Tuesday #1- What do people have against romance in books?!?

Woo! The first Tirade Tuesday. Today's main topic is- why do people don't like romance in books? *Gasp* Yes this is true! Some of my friends prefer to have their action in their books and nothing between the characters. (FYI, I will be adopting a Q&A style with these rants, mostly because you're not just reading paragraphs)

Blech, Romance. Girls are just so blech. Cooties are nasty!

Ok, I'm going to assume that the people who are reading my content have matured enough to accept the concept of another gender. If you haven't yet- grow up! If you're young, I guess it's fine. Just be you. Forget what I'm saying. But if you're in the 7th grade and you still think girls are aliens, grow up! Or else, and not to be mean, you won't have as happy of a life as you would've if you'd just accepted girls. 

Ok ok fine. I guess thinking Girls are weird...is weird. But I feel like in a lot of books, there's such a strong romance and I don't like to read that stuff

Again, another assumption. We're going to assume that the book cover and the first chapter is going to give away the type of audience that should be reading the novel. If the first chapter is about how a guy and a girl met in a hotel room and started uh.... you get the point, then don't read that book! Be smart when you choose what to read!

But in most books, there's more romantic scenes than actually content!

I will admit that in YA- mostly realistic fiction- it's more like a romance novel than a horror/comedy/thriller novel. But that's the point in YA. Think about it- as you become a teen and a young adult, we ALL tend to start to feel an incline to start a relationship with someone (including me). As for Middle Grade, there's only a handful of books I've ever read that was dominated by romantic scenes- and in those books that was the point (for example, in Charlie Joe Jackson's guide to Planet Girl- it's about how to get a girl, with lots of examples. It was meant to be written like that)

But all I want is to just read about what happens during the climax, and a stupid love scene gets in the way!

Ok, I can understand how this is a bad thing. You want to see if the hero can defeat the mystical god or whatever. But is this a let's-make-out-because-I-as-the-author-think-my-audience-will-like-this scene or is it a calm "Good luck in there" with a small kiss, just to make things more tense. 

It's a really horrible scene that doesn't make sense!

And I'm supposed to trust that you, hater of romance, that you're correct?

*Sigh* All right it's a scene that uses romance to make things more tense

If this is applicable, than understand this-this is probably the main reason writers use romance at all. When a relationship starts to form between the main character and a secondary character, you suddenly realize that the main character is affected. This is used to make the character mess up during a key situation, or not physically be able to accomplish a task due to a mental inability to do so (under the influence of something happening to his/her boyfriend/girlfriend or crush) This in turn, makes you the reader want to read more, simply, to see if the main character can overcome this challenge and save everyone, maybe getting into a relation ship with his crush along the way. Romance is a tentative thing that, when used right, can make a book 200% better.

Aw Man bro. I don't even like romance. Why are you forcing such cruel things upon me?

I hope none of you is like this right now. At the end of the day, you choose what you think about the book that you choose off the shelf at the library/bookstore. I just hate it when people don't even give anything remotely romantic a chance a say it's "a horrible book". Give it a chance, and if you hate it, oh well. But trust me, we all at some point, will come to the point where we say "When do they kiss/hug/hold hands. Author! Don't make me wait pleaase! Just write it in right now!"

Do you guys like romance in your novels. Comment down below your thoughts on the subject. Ill see you again on Fun Friday (or maybe Fan Fiction friday- right now we have 4723 views! C'mon! That 5k goal is in sight (and the exclusive Erica Fan Fic)


  1. I enjoy it, makes the book more descriptive in my opinion. Boring without it

  2. It's great, as long as it doesn't take over the plot(*cough*Insurgent*cough*Allegiant*cough*) I also find it better when the romance isn't silly, but still amusing to see. Like, I read the last chapter of Poached and Big Game more times than I could count. Romance is an important part of good books!