Monday, September 21, 2015

Sad News & Um Even More Sad News

So I haven't posted for mainly one reason- like last year I decided to pursue writing (also because I'm really lazy- hey I'll admit it, school wasn't an issue this time). You know from Lunch Money, the Chunky Comics thing Greg makes- well I'm writing up one of those. It'll be pretty cool I guess. Also, requested by some viewers, I wrote a fanfic or Spy School (it's Erica's point of view throughout Spy School) Also I have a secret project that I may never release but whatever.

The even sadder news is that yep, this is the update post where I say hey! only 3 posts a week now. Daily Posts, a thing of the past now- here is the final schedule.

Tuesday's will be Top Ten Tuesday/Tirade Tuesday (that vocab though- basically a rant oh and I'm doing Top Ten over my How To series because it wasn't as big of a hit as my Top Ten series- it was real advice but I made it as sarcastic as I could, anyways) On these days I'll either drum up a top ten list or sit down and rant about something somewhat book-related

Friday's will be Fun Friday/ FanFic Friday- Friday's are awesome. So why make them boring? Maybe on this Friday I'll do a cool book review. Or a movie I've made. And on special occasions, maybe I'll release a fanfic or a short story I wrote (although, I've thought about the idea of having an exclusive-club mailing list thing and those are the only people who get exclusive stuff- email is if you want to sign up)

Saturday's and/or Sunday's will be Reviews. Just my opinions on random books.

At 5000 views- I will release the Erica FanFic- with the mailing list people getting it (maybe) and the public will get it probably the next Friday. Have a swawesome day!

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