Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Today's Thanks Go to: The Summer Book Club

So School's starting and my first two days were crazy. The normal things like reuniting with old friends, the occasional where-the-hack-do-I-go moments, and of course the dreaded lunch (which isn't the worst at my school) It was a decent day and honestly, after all the boringness of having to suffer through expectations an rules, I'm excited to y'know...learn stuff.

Anyways, just want to give a quick thanks to the book club. If you aren't informed I was the host of an online book club, where we met every week through email  throughout the summer and talked about yours truly, Stuart Gibbs. So at first, it was just me and Libni Quantanilla, who've I've mentioned in my 3000 views post. Then there was a kid named Aiden, We started having a few meetings before another kid- Joseph and his friend Sophia. At the next meeting, we suddenly realized on email, unless you press "Reply to All" it only replies your thoughts to one person. It went such downhill that eventually we moved over to goole hangouts. Somehow, we got another  member, who's name is Matt.

Anyways- you guys are squad goals. Most of the time in the summer was downtime, and while that;s great, I was often bored. You guys helped me stay sane, speaking about the one thing all my friends can't bare to say- books. We had debates, bests and favorites, and a ton of fun. Seriosuly thank you guys- Libni, Aiden, Joseph, Sophia,  and Matt. In the school I've got friends to make it memorable. You've made my summer memorable. Thanks.


  1. No problem! Hope you enjoy your school year Justin.


  2. I kind of felt that way to, when I was bored I either read or talked to y'all. No problem.

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  4. I feel the same. I get soooo bored during the summer.